Monday, November 22, 2010

::it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ::

vertigo makes you dizzy and nauseous. teaching while nauseous and dizzy could end in an epic teacher fail of the year moment. i decided to stay home this morning and try to get the world to stop spinning. i have not yet been  successful.

wanted to show you what i've been working on lately.

i love the holidays. i love the decorations, the smells, the spirit, the SHOPPING!, the love, and the coziness of the next month. i've been working on some holiday designs. in my opinion all of these designs are meant to be shared. wears it one day. mommy wears it the next! is christmas not the time where you can take risks? and dress festive? HELLO!!!! Have you been to a school lately? not my school surprisingly; we are all stylish and have retired our jean jumpers.

anyway, my idea is that this collection is versitaile. the perfect trimmings on a beautiful outfit and spirit.


  1. Love the holidays and your accessories are just perfect! The holly is beautiful! Hope you feel better! I remember those days. Teaching will ill is definitely not don't know what a sick day is for us! Take care of yourself!

  2. I LOVE the Holidays too! Your accesories are beautiful! Hope you feel better soon! Work has been crazy busy for me, I haven't been able to blog, and I missed everyone so badly! I hope I can get back to normal soon, but doesn't look liek things will be slowing down anytime soon! Ha! Can't we just be stay at home Mommies?? I wish!

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