Sunday, April 8, 2012

little babe ((26 weeks))

HIGH: My little mister has a name. Scott chose the first name, I chose the middle--it's a happy compromise and I'm excited to share it soon.  I'm not quite ready to write it on the wall just yet---but getting close. Lilly was always Lilly from day one---so it's really nice to be able to call my gentleman by a name and not just  dude, boyfriend, or Ryder ( lilly has a thing for Tangled). 

I really thought that we were having another girl. I was quite shocked to hear "boy" at the 20 week ultrasound. I had my girl name all set to go, and in a weird pregnancy hormone infused way I kinda had to mourn my girl name. *Someday* **maybe** ***if having two doesn't kill me***

LOW: As with most women it is really hard to gain weight and see your body changing in ways that give you a little twinge. I've decided that people in general do not know how to talk to a pregnant woman. Or maybe---a pregnant woman doesn't know how to NOT take pregnancy comments personally. Regardless, the
"Oh you're about to pop!"  ((nope, have three more months!))
"You sure there aren't twins in there, dang!" (( nope, just one))
"That's going to be a BIG BOY"  ((pretty sure he's average))
"You seem bigger this time around"  (( yup, thanks for pointing that out))
" You look tired"  (( thanks, butt head))

I *know* the comments are not MEANT to offend. But garsh darn it---no one wants to hear comments about their size regardless if they are carrying a human or not. Just lie to me and tell me I look great and that I'm all belly. I'll love you and my double chin all the more.

WOAH: The nesting. Good LORD the nesting. I'm obsessed with redecorating. Not necessarily organizing like perhaps I should considering our house limitations, but  spray painting things.  If you're  black, or ugly, or looking at me a weird way you're going to get a glossy coat of white paint. Nothing is safe---even my pasta sauce jar from last night's spaghetti. 


  1. You look gorgeous! Seriously! I always see pregnant women and secrectly wish I was pregnant again...

  2. you are one of the most beautiful pregnant women i have ever seen. seriously! :)

  3. You look gorgeous!! I love your outfit, too. :) Have fun with all your nesting!

  4. I don't know what those people are DO look gorgeous! (no lies needed!) Where did you get that beautiful dress?