Thursday, October 3, 2013

rings update and memory lane

Weight loss was "meh" this week. I lost one pound. Would have loved to lose more because I'm creeeeeeeping up to the 30 pound mark---but a loss is a loss right?! Months ago I was only dreaming of a thinner body and today---I'm achieving it. It's all about perspective. I'm down 28 pounds from June. and...........

My wedding rings??

They fit. They hoo-rah fitty fit fit!!! :)

What a fun morning. I'm wearing my wedding set that I haven't worn in two years. TWO YEARS I've been purchasing fake rings at Target. I'm so excited to share that with you today.

Since I'm BASICALLY a newlywed today--Here are some wedding fun facts from my big day.

  • I kept my lip gloss in the bustier of my dress the entire day. Somthing needed to fill those suckers up.....weird.

  • I melted down in the bathroom at the hair salon that morning. My aunt Patti came in and talked me off of the "my wedding is going to be a disaster" ledge. She assured me that I was beautiful and that the plans would go as such. She told me it was okay to ask the stylist to redo my hair if I wasn't happy. It's one of my favorite memories of her. I loved how she told me that it was OKAY to be full of emotions.
  • my best friend had balloons let go from the catwalk at the church when we had our kiss.. I'll let this photo do the talking on how I felt about it...

  • despite my confusion with the balloons---our wedding day was fantastic. What a fun celebration we had that day. I love my husband and I think it's pretty spectacular when I look back and see what our love has done.
and HECK YES my rings fit again.
I'm never letting myself get too big for my rings. like EVER.

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