Sunday, July 19, 2009

44 ounces of heaven

I can say in total honesty that I haven't had too many so-called cravings during my pregnancy. However, I have lots of "mmmmmm...that sounds good moments." The other night, I had a TRUE craving. It was a force so strong that I couldn't think of anything else. I was willing to do whatever it took to get it. Here's the story. Scott was grilling porkchops on the grill and about 10 minutes before they were done, I had the overwhelming urge for a cherry limeade from Sonic. When I say urge, I literally mean URGE. My mouth started watering, I got very excited thinking about it, and was completely focused on my plan of attack. I cracked the window in our kitchen and asked him in my best "I want something, can I please have it oh best husband in the world?" voice if I had time for a sonic run. I then ran (yes, ran) to my car and drove entirely too fast to get to sonic. Pulled up to the drive through and had an amazing discovery! They make STRAWBERRY LIMEADE?? SCORE!!! Sold. I was debating on a medium or large, a small just wouldn't do. Then the voice in my head said, "what the heck laura, get the 44 ounce. go for the gold." Ooooooooook, I did. Paid my fee. Took a glorious sip. Had to suck very firmly, because a chuck of strawberry was lodged in the straw. Got it. Manuvered through the apparent car show parking lot fully of motorcycles, mustangs, old chevys, and random suped up dorky hondas and sped home in time for pork chops. WORTH IT!
Here is a list of my foods from my pregnancy. (Sorry, I just can't seem to get away from the lists.)

1. The chick-fil-a sandwich...perfection in a foil lined bag day or night.

2. The chocolate chip pizookie (pizza/cookie) from BJ's Brewhouse. This one was just discovered last night. AH-mazing. A warm choc chip piece of heaven in a pizza pan topped with vanilla icecream.
3. The daily combo of cottage chesse/grapes/and ritz crackers. This has been my lunch for a week straight. Can't get enough.

4. paradise bakery. nuff said. please open one in Avon.please.please.please.

5. Last, but NOT LEAST!! Strawberry Limeade from Sonic. No, the 44 oz isn't too much...why it's the PERFECT size!

If you ever wanna go on a sonic run for one, just send the word. I'll come running. (literally)

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  1. HILARIOUS!!!! i'm still cracking up over here. you are so stinkin' cute!