Wednesday, July 22, 2009

lilly's first photo shoot

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Yesterday, we had our third trimester ultrasound. We had heard from friends who go to the same practice that they occasionally switch the machine to 4d and you get to see the face of your little one. We were reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllyy hoping that we would get one, but didn't want to get our hopes up too high. Lo and behold, we got one! The 4d ultrasound is like a little movie of your babe. It was the neatest thing. Lilly had her hands in front of her face 90% of the time, but it was still really cool. The ultrasound tech shook my belly to try to get little miss camera shy to move for us, and it would work for a second, but she'd go right back to using her hands as a face shield. After a few rounds of shaking, she starting putting her hands down and sticking out her tongue. It was adorable. Adorable when she's in the womb, but if that happens when she's older she'll earn herself a little flick to the face! :)
We were able to watch her for about 15 minutes and it was just amazing. So far we can tell that Lilly is:
1. is bald
2. has VERY full lips
3. has a button nose
4. likes to have her hands near her face

5. has a working tongue (whoo!)
6. has big eyes (we're thinkin' blue based on the genes)
We are so thrilled that she's healthy and growing strong. She is measuring right on time with my due date. She's approx. 3lbs and a few oz(s). She's breech right now which is not the best news, but not devastating. Please pray that she flips around in the next few weeks. If she doesn't flip then I'll for sure have a C-Section. Not the end of the world.....just not my preference. I get the heebie jeebies thinking about being cut open and having a human extracted from my body WHILE BEING AWAKE. ah. Yea, start praying folks.

Here are a few pics from yesterday. They might be pics that "only a mother could love" but some people might be interested in what a baby in-ute looks like. She's looking less and less alien like which is a big plus. :)

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