Tuesday, April 6, 2010

bribing myself

well, i've fallen off the wagon again. AGAIN! stupid pregnancy weight. stupid stupid. boo, laura. so i've dedided to set some "treats" to urge me to lose weight.

5 lbs- blog makeover!

10 lbs- pedicure

15 lbs - new bare minerals make up ( mah fave)

hopefully that will jump-start my weight loss. i've lost 40 pounds before. i can do it again.

aaaaannnnd my momma said she'd pay be $300 if I lose 40 pounds before Lilly's first birthday! Cha-ching! MOTIVATION.

It's funny what a week surrounded by girls in bikinis on the beach can do for your "get your bootie in gear" emotions. :)

Spring Break post coming soon. You're gonna ::die:: when you see lils on the beach. just die.

1 comment:

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