Sunday, April 11, 2010

here's the story all about how...

THIS girls life got turned upside down!!!!

Ok. Story time. Gather 'round.

(if you know me in real along. cause you've no doubt already heard this. at least 6 times.)

Ok. So i loooovvvveee carrie underwood a little too much. I'm a little on the 12 year old girl mind set of " OH mi goooodnneeeesss I heart her soooo much!!! Squeeeeeeee!!" But whatever, I'm okay with it. Scott, knowing this, surprised me with great seats to her concert this last weekend for Christmas. However, at Christmas they were not on sale yet. So using his super sleuth skills, he found that you could purchase tickets in advance IF you joined the OFFICIAL CARRIE UNDERWOOD fan club. So putting his man card aside, he joined. (if that's not love... i dunno what is!!)

Anyway, I've always known this, but this event confirmed my belief that my husband has a horseshoe up his butt. He is so dern lucky!! He always wins things and gets great deals and so forth. Well....surprise surprise about 3 weeks ago, he gets an email that he has won a backstage pass for a meet and greet with the divine miss carrie for the upcoming concert. So, for the sake of back with me......
::insert hazy dream sequence::

I'm asleep in my bed at 9:30 on a Wednesday
( I know. lame sauce. 9:30?) . My husband, who loves to get me riled up because I'm a *tad* dramatic comes in wakes me up saying, "Laura, we've just won backstage passes to meet Carrie!"( No need for last names in our house. there is only ONE carrie.) I shoot up in bed. "SHUT UP! You're lying. This is NOT funny!" I run to the computer and read the email. I'm ecstatic. But quickly defeated when I read the line: Congratulations, Scott, YOU have won ONE pass to meet..... One pass? Not two??? Whaaaaa???? Then at the bottom the most depressing sentence, This pass is NON-TRANSFERABLE. Scott joined the fan club. Of course, HE WOULD win. A 29 year old avid country hater won a pass to meet his wife's favorite artist. of course.

I did not.

My. husband. was. going. to. meet. carrie. It was heartbreaking. I forced him to email this fan club and plead our case... he did. We even threw in the "my wife just had a baby and would love to spend this time...blah blah she's a teacher to America's youth....blah blah feel sorry for us....we're poor. we live in INDIANA of all places...blah blah. xoxo. "For three weeks. nothing. no response.

The first week. I was rather devastated.

Second week. I was rather bummed, but okay with the fact that my husband was going to meet the most gorgeous girl on the planet who just happens to by mah fave.

Third week. I had decided I would have a picture printed of me that Scott was ORDERED to hold next to Carrie while he had a picture with her so "technically" I was there. :)

Then. THENNNNNNNN!!!!!!! The sky opened up and God said "I love you, Laura." Scott received an email on Wednesday stating that they would make A ONE TIME EXCEPTION for the name on the all access pass to be LAURA instead of SCOTT. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

So, on Friday. I met my girl. She was very nice. Extremely cute. and surprisingly VERY short. She was in flats. I was heels. I'm really not a giant. :) The concert was great. She changed outfits like 10 times. She sang all my favorite songs. aaaannnndddd to add a cherry on top of a great night, she complimented my outfit. I had silly crazy girl grin on my face alllllllllll night.


  1. that is awesome Laura!!! How exciting. :)

  2. Laura what a fun story! You have a great hubby. And Im sure Lilly will love this story when she gets older! Im so excited for you!!!!

  3. omg that's awesome! All my friends were at the concert too (sadly I couldn't go) =(

  4. How amazing! I am like you, I would have DIED if I got a chance to meet her! YAY for you :)

  5. Oh my gosh! That is so awesome! I love Carrie Underwood too! How cool that you got a pic with her! Ps- I think you asked about my old blog header a while back(I've changed it since then.) I made them both using digi scrapbook stuff and powerpoint. I could help you make one if you want, so let me know! ( :

  6. ohhh emmm geee - how excting!! that is a once and a lifetime opportunity! what an amazing hubs!

  7. oh wow, that is super exciting! lucky girl!