Tuesday, April 20, 2010

top two? hmph!

Things I could not live without that are under $15...hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

C'mon! JOIN!

First and foremost-- I literally could not survive with out this. No really.

I'm kinda addicted to jewelry and accessories. Especially now, since I'm not really LOVING how clothes fit these days. I'm currently coveting these right now from AE. Kinda on a turquoise kick.

Lilly's a snot face these fine pollen filled days. These are crucial. Ok, more than two, but I CAN'T STOP NOW!

I love this stuff from Walmart. I use it all year round. It absorbs quickly and is $3.50. Holla!

Bare Minerals lip gloss. lurve it. Cotton candy is my color of choice. The stuff is very kind to your skin. So much so they say you can sleep in it. Which is good...cause my nightly routine is terrible. As in non-existent. What?
This little jobber is amazing. His name is Mortimer the Moose. Lilly will chew on him for at least an hour. He squeaks, crinkles, rattles, jingles and is pretty much awesome. Go buy one. Your life will be changed. This is turning into more of a top twelve Tuesday! Shoot balls.

Ahhhh... the plugs. :) Ca-ching! You know you love these....

It's the little things that make this teacher heart go pitter-patter and Mr. Sketch smelly markers do just the trick. Hey, I'm not around my baby, but AT LEAST I get to write with cherry and lemon smelly markers?! They are so much fun they get two pictures.

Ok, this headband is one of my top15thingsIreallyreallyreallywannabuyforthesummerbutshouldn'tbecausewe'reonabudgetitems from the Loft. It's over $15, but with my teacher discount it would be right at. Maybe when I lose 5 lbs I'll treat myself to it.

mkay, this was a bit overkill. super sorry.


  1. omg we are huge fans of boogie wipes too! i think i even blogged about it! ha ha
    the scent is even nice for mommy's noses too!!

    love my morning coffee and have yet to try dunkin donuts...

  2. Cash & Corrinne both have chewed on their very own Mortimer. He's currently hanging out on Coco's carseat. :)

    And you know I love the Polar Pops!!!

  3. Great picks! I loved those markers! SO fun!!! Love your blog its precious!!

  4. I love the turquoise jewelry! So pretty!

  5. haha I LOVE all your picks! boogie wipes are amazing! And I had no idea AE had such great jewelry!

  6. i love your turquoise jewelry and I love Polar pops - i have to stop whenever i see a circle k just to get one

  7. Markers=awesome. When I start teaching again I believe those will be a must. Pretty much adore all your picks. :) I think about 99.9% of them would be on my top picks as well. Sounds like I need to get a Mortimer.