Friday, December 3, 2010


story time, friends.

most times i feel like i'm always 3 steps behind my mind. my mind is thinking, scheming, dreaming, planning, organizing and my body? gets distracted.

i always have great intentions. those only get you so far. right now i'm loving my busy life. holding down three full time jobs. mommayyy to lillers. teacher to the 4th graders. crafter and creator of lillypie. the jobs begin to blurrrrrrr together a lot of the time. i think of headbands and sewing at school. i make mental notes of a project or an assessment idea while feedin my darling her peas; or i step away from my craft room to read "Go Dog Go" for the 5th time in one evening.

Sometimes? I slack. and neglect.

I rushed home Tuesday evening to a to do list a bashillion miles long.bashillion? yes....that long.  dinner. lilly. facebook update. check email. complete 2 orders. package. respond to emails. etsy. relist items. feed lilly. bathe lilly. clean kitchen. design a craft fair table. my brain was on over load. OVERLOAD. i started dinner and sat down to check some emails and facebook. lilly was cooking her own "dinner" on the floor with a potato masher and tupperware lid. GOURMET.  Checking away. and click clackin around on the computer I saw her reach into her diaper bag. wasn't phased. didn't care. i became engrossed in a silly status update of facebook and zoned. you know the one. the facebook zone. where you are thinking" Why on earth did they post that. seriously? oooh people commented. lemme read demz. alllll"


5 mintues later?


 and nomming and clawing her little chubby fingers into the container that she successfully opened with her masher. Ingenious little gal.

I laughed. Then turned the laptop around and videoed the girl. Who was BEAMING with pride.

my to do list changed a bit after that incident.

check email. facebook.  CHECK YOUR DAUGHTER.relist on etsy. check paypal. WATCH YOUR DAUGHTER. cut fabric. singe fabric. WATCH YOUR DAUGHTER.

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  1. They're so quick aren't they? Look away for a second and they're into something! I know this all too well!

    Girl, you better take some time for yourself! I honestly don't know how you balance it all. I think being a mom is hard enough and as a former teacher, I definitely know you have one of the hardest 7 to 3 o'clock jobs out there!

    I'm thinking of you! :)

    P.S. Send along that bus. card when you can...I want to make a badge to put on blogs so you can start seeing some business generated from increased exposure! Yay!

    Hope your holidays are going well so far!
    (I bet the kiddos are going nuts!)