Monday, December 6, 2010

crawfordsville craftSNOW!

i've always been a fan of a good craft fair. i'm ALWAYS up for traveling to a gymnasium at a high school, booth in a park, or building --and luckily? so is my best friend since ferever... :)

::we luv craft fairzz::

and NOW that I've been a vendor at one???

i'm addicted!!!!!

this past saturday, i did my first craft fair. i was invited to participate in a small artisan show and it was the perfect show to get my feet wet. after tossing my babe in the tub after the applesauce "incident" i threw myself into trying to design a shabby chic, eclectic, crafty but not CRAFTY display. piecing together my display was almost just as fun as creating my designs.

overall the show was good. it happened to snow 4 inches that morning and i think that kept a lot of potential shoppers at home. i made money. met some amazing new artists. networked. passed out lot of business cards. had a blast with my life long bestie.

::heeeeeey buy some ruffle flowerzzz::

::hi pretty::

this momma also learned a few crafty fair lessons

1. an 8 foot table does NOT fit in an elevator very well
2. no, a table is NOT just a table. it does make a difference how much the table weighs. I borrowed my classrooms table ::shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:: and goodness gracious. that table is SOLID. a SOLID 100 pounds. I'll be investing in a quick foldeminhalfandgo30buckaroo table from costco next time. :)
3. bring a calculator. craft fairs make you automatically dumb at basic arithmetic.
4. one table= crowded and cluttered table
5. two/three tables = less crowded, simplified streamlined look =happier lillypiers. :)

::happy girl::


  1. It looks great! Display was super cute and totally you!Wish I could have been there!

  2. Best craft fair table I've ever seen! Way to go!!!!

  3. i just can't even believe how cute your display table was. you are so creative!!!!!!!!! lilly is one lucky little girl to have such a creative mommy. i hope that things continue to go well for you so you can pursue your true passion. :-)