Monday, December 27, 2010

what can you do in your cozy coupe?

eye luvs krishmash!!

How was your holiday? Ours was great once Scott and I spent 24 hours with the evil stomach flu! bah humbug to that!  Scott and I both woke up early Christmas morning, because well....who doesn't! We set everything up for the big "reveal" for lilly and guess who decided to sleep in.....
We sat out on the couch for twenty minutes debating on if we should wake her because AHHHH!!! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! or if we should let her rest because we were preparing for Lilly to catch the bug that we  battled.
We decided to wake her. and bless her heart she woke up to a blinding flash because this momma HAAAD to document it. :) I think the shot was worth it. I love lilly bloopers. Girlfriend woke up with a smile on her face and she toddled out into the living room to find...

less go mommmmaah! eye luv dis!

eye can read in hur.

eye can mash taters in hur

eye can drink milk in unopened sippys in hur!

thanks, mah!

this gal? got her dream camera this year. bye bye bad over exposed nasty flash too high ISO photos! :) and it just so happened to come with a gorgeous little camera strap cover. in eggplant ::swoon:: with ruffles  ::die::


  1. OMG! Look at her!! She is friggin' adorable!!! Loooove that first photo!

  2. Looks like she had a great Christmas! Shes so cute with that funny face!!!

  3. Not only did we get the same Cozy Coup but apparently the same sippy cup too!! :) Great minds think alike! She is so adorable! Happy New Year...