Friday, December 17, 2010

handmade is...

handmade is important.

when you buy handmade you are supporting a passion. you are supporting a dream. you are supporting a family. DIRECTLY.  i don't know about you, but I love that feeling.

i have some favorite shops. wanna see em? i don't know these women personally (with the exception of one) , but i love their art. they didn't contact me to feature them. i just love their passion. enjoy lillypie friends!

Madrin Designs--Georgeous jewelry. I own several. She creates timeless statement pieces that most of time feature asymetrical adornments of  filligree and these amazing flower beads she makes herself!! I discovered her at a craft fair this summer. Drooling madly over this:

 and this
You can find little miss Madrin Designs    

all pictures are from the Madrin Designs Etsy Shop!

Steel Dreaming Designs--Waaaaaay flippin awesome steel fabric covered magnet boards. I have disa one hanging in my kitchen

 The magnets are super strong and it's an adorable way to hold and display all the important things in your life. If I was sayyy...and organized person? it'd hold my grocery list for the next week  or say the bills that I still needed to pay orrrrr a menu of the following week's dinners.

but since I'm not? it holds pictures of my Lilly.

and it looks lovely either way.

I'd love this one:

this grey/beige color is kind of an obsession of mine right now....

all pictures are from  HERE
Which is also how you can get to this beautiful shop!

MT Designs - another fantabulous jewelry designer of whom I know personally. She uses semi precious gems and creates....well? masterpieces. The kind of jewelry you plan an outfit around. Oh who am I kidding, the kind of jewelry you BUY an outfit for.

gorgeous, no?
Planning on snatching up the fist necklace real soon. I think it will help keep the spirit of sping alive in the dead of Indiana winter come February.

Find MT.....HERE!!

Seams Mod-  I adore any woman that can sucessfully handle a sewing maching. Maybe if 6 hours were added to my day I could learn. I would love to make bags and pillowcases....and dresses. I found this store while trying to come up with a solution for a diapering delima.

DELIMA- No longer need my hauuuuuge petunia picklebottom on a daily basis. A quick run to target doesn't requrie the big honker anymore. I've been tossing diapers and wipes into my purse.....but it's really not cute when you're looking for your debit card only to find it tucked into the clean diaper in your purse.....on principal alone---it's gross. 

SOLUTION-- diaper clutch. Found this little shop and fell in love. again.  {do i use that phrase too frequently...}

Toss this puppy into my purse....good to go.
or... Or OR! ORRR!!!!!!
Toss gloss, keys, and debit into this pretty and go from there.

{however that prolly won't solve my debit card in diaper problem...} still.

Find SEAMS MOD here
Last one, OH DIER - I stumbled upon this lovely gem while browsing an etsy treasury. Having been an ex-uppercase living demonstrator, you KNOW I love words on walls. I used to have one in every room and have slowly taken them down one by one because I became...bored ...with them. Money down the drain. and now? BAM ::oh dier:: has come into my life. More words! yay! I love their vintage wooden creations! If I follow my crazy hair, I'd love this hanging in my kitchen ;) This is probably on my top 25 words to say list. Yes, I know. ..
however, this one is a bit more realistic. ::sigh:: still gorgeous nontheless!!

Find Oh Dier products and photos featured HERE

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