Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rested. Perspective. and Time Out

Hi Friends!!!! I've missed you.  I've missed blogging. I've enjoyed my REST--and while resting is really flippin difficult when juggling so many things--I do feel like I have a new perspective on where lillypie is going and how to be the best ME I can. I have so many things jotted down that I want to write about.  Time seems to be the enemy these days because--it just goes so fast. I need to hop in bed soon because tomorrow is picture day and this teacher does not need bags under her eyes to be remembered for eternity in a yearbook---  Here is what I want to tell you--in a list.

I. love. teaching. second. grade.--new grade level, darling students. Teaching is fun again. A huge answer to prayers. Lots of em'.  Sobbing into my pillow prayers. God is good.

Lillypie probably won't ever be a full time gig for me. Sad, because it definitely was a dream of mine, but I don't feel like the Lord is leading our family in that direction.

Lillypie is a passion. A God-given passion to create and make things pretty. Lillypie is a way for me to release my emotions, thoughts, and personality into the world.

I want to dream with creativity and work with LOVE

I know I'm slow to jump on this bandwagon--but PTL that my phone broke because I'm loving my new phone---and INSTAGRAM.  It's sorta changing my life. :) I'm lauralillypie if you want to be instafriends!!

Dying fabric?  I love creating EVERYTHING about my new designs---right down to the exact color I want. My current fave is a fresh mint color. I laugh in the face of anyone who thinks this is only a spring color.  Totally adorable with plums, khakis, browns, and deep turquoises for fall.

Why can't I stay organized?

Lilly visits time out fairly frequently--she also dishes out the T.O. when appropriate. Tripping on  a step at the park on Saturday sparked a bossy  "Park Tynnouuu!!"   I'm going to copy this style----corner of the bed that I always stub my toe on? TIME OUT.  Irritating buzzing noise in my car? TIME OUT. 

It's good to be back.


  1. have no idea how much you encourage me...seriously. And I'm so pumped you get to teach second grade now...I love when God says "Yes!"

    Secondly, have you read "sheparding a child's heart" by Ted Tripp? I'm a new super fan of this book...he uses proverbs to apply to parenting now so that it doesn't sound all 400 BC"ish." It just made me think of it when you were talking about Time Out's.

    Anyways...I'm glad you're back and I'm so happy you are loving your new kiddo's!

  2. We've missed you! I SO feel ya on the side business. It's tough and SO time consuming. Follow your heart and you can NEVER go wrong!

  3. I always smile with your posts! Thanks for the cute one today! Glad to see you are back and so happy to hear that teaching is enjoyable again. :-) those kiddos are sure lucky to have you as their teacher! Happy Monday!