Sunday, August 28, 2011

thoughts on customers {{and a makeover}}

Isn't she beautiful?? {{twirling around with arms open wide}}

I just love my new look! And it's all thanks to the darling Savannah of MaieDae Designs! She captured my design eye, color scheme, and loves perfectly. Savannah was wonderful to work with patient, accomodating, and kind. I definitely recommend her services.

///all images by Sarah-Beth Photography///
I'd been tinkering with the idea of trying to 'brand'{scary word}  lillypie for a while now. With one full year under my belt I felt like I know my style and my customers. My customers  are really important to me because---they are friends. I think of each order as a gift I'm sending to a dear friend.  The first headbands I ever made were given as gifts to friends and it makes me happy to think that something as small as an infant headband  or delicate flower necklace can bring a smile to my friend's day.  
My friends are real women-- who are beautiful.

My friends are pulled together--even when they are a hot mess.
My friends are strong mothers--who take their job seriously.
My friends can laugh--at others and themselves.
My friends are beautiful--because they see the beauty in others.

My hope is that you decide to buy from lillypie because you see something pretty and feel inspired.  You  adore a  headband  because you imagine your little one wearing it  for her one year photo shoot. You love a necklace because you can picture yourself wearing it with your head held high. Or maybe you *just know* that an accessory would be just what a dear friend would love.  My dream is that you see me as a real woman--- this is inspired by love, struggles with  insequrities,  holds on to faith, and loves to laugh.  I see you as a friend.


  1. Great post Laura! Love the new look!!

  2. Laura, your blog is beautiful!!I seriously opened it and like almost tinkled in my pants..not really but I honestly love it! And what a precious sinker you have!! :)

  3. It looks beautiful Laura! So pretty and light!

  4. Wonderful post! The blog looks fabulous!

  5. i love your new look! (and i loved the old one too) - and although i'm not yet a customer, i love daydreaming of my future daughter wearing your headbands. So as soon as she's no longer a twinkle in her papa's eye but a real babe, i'll be scooping up your adorable accessories!