Monday, September 5, 2011

Display Inspiration {{and an embarassing photo}}

September 22, 23, and 24th are MILESTONE days. I'm doing my FIRST BIGGG SHOW!! ****Lillypies for everyone!!!****  I'm so excited.  and kinda nervous. and occasionally feel like I'm going to ralph because of the work that still needs to be done....but I'm excited.

I've been doing a lot of research pinning lately of ideas for my display. What did people do before pinterest? Laundry, yard work, dishes ..oh yea. bluah. moving on....

I want my booth to feel like your dresser. Where you add your finishing touches before you rush out to greet the day  (or snot-faced toddler..whatevs.).

//photo credit//

Your dresser area doesn't look like an anthro display? Neither does mine--here is where  I accessorize......

How embarrassing! A girl can dream though.....  Can't wait to show you the display!! And if you're local!! I hope to see you there!!!


  1. What show are you doing?!?! I know we're somewhat local to one another!

  2. well, you're on your way to having a beautiful dresser! i keep my necklaces on display on clear push pins which i've pushed into the wall above my dresser (i hang one on each, artfully), and i keep my jewelry box on the dresser. good luck with the show preparation!

  3. How exciting!! You'll do great, I'm sure :)

  4. I love the blue frame! Good luck with your show!!

  5. love where you're heading with your display, great idea re: the dresser and I absolutely LOVE the first photo! brilliant!

  6. what beautiful inspiration! i'm doing a craft show next weekend & am at a loss of how to display my necklaces!