Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trend to Try {braided hair}

My glitter has worn off which means it's time for this gal to try a new trend! I loved glitter nails!! Did you try it? Did you love it?  I'd love to hear about it.  I did notice that after removing the nailpolish/glitter my nails were a bit discolored {eewwww}. I chalked it up to nails suffocating because of all the glitter and that I rarely have polished nails. Did your nails do that? Or is it just me....{awkward.......}

The trend I'm trying is definitely NOT NEW---it's been around for a while and has sustained--which tells me that it's worthy of learning how to do! I've been  dying to teach myself this hairstyle since the Laguna days. Lauren Conrad's hair has been amazing since 16, no?!

I think the reason I love it is because of it's romantic and undone (but done) look.  I love it because it provides a solution to the "yea, let's try the side swept bang!" mistake I repeatedly make at the salon.  And I *might* also love it because I feel pretty when I think I kinda look stylish. :)

I've tried previously with ZERO success--always ending with hands thrown in the air, hair in knots, and mutterings of "I SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!! DANNNGGGG IITTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!"

Recently after watching this tutorial  from I Am Momma...Hear Me Roar, I tried again---with SUCCESS!! I admire her for teaching a girl who was flying the white flag in defeat how to french braid her own hair. Thumbs up to you, Cheri! 

I did this tutorial and now braid my bangs all the time.  I find that my hair works best and looks the best when it's dirty with dry shampoo added to absorb the next day grease. Okay, that might be the real reason I'm loving this trend---adding 20 minutes back to my precious sleep time. Fine. I said it.
No, I don't have blue hair.
Have you tried this trend before?  Do you feel like Lauren Conrad?  Did a hot guy named Brody follow you home?  Amazing!


  1. LOVE IT! Love LC and wish I had long hair again after reading this.

  2. I tried this trend a few weeks ago, with the bulk of my hair pulled over and up and curled (sort of like in the third pic) and loved it. It was a pretty, undone updo that I can't wait to try again! Your braid looks super cute - I can never get the braid over enough like that.

  3. I've been wanting to try this as well, but am always SO rushed in the mornings. :/ perhaps I can try over the weekend? ;)

    regardless of me, it looks wonderful on you! :)

  4. i too, have always wanted to try this and yours looks so cute!!! i just never felt very trendy, so i guess i'm chicken. maybe i'll give it a go!!