Friday, September 16, 2011

a little thick {this week's little things}

I CLUNG to the small stuff this week.  I found myself thinking--yes, this is a blessing. Small--but a blessing.  Five days of a very sick little one forces you to cling. Five days of a sick little one a WEEK before your first show---forces you to cling.  So cling I did. :)  and it helped.  A LOT. 
My guy does the dishes--every night.

I was reminded this week of the  TEAM my husband and I are.  We kick arse. We owned this virus turned infection in our little one.  My guy is amazing and always steps up. I don't deserve him--because I'm selfish.


Something I take for granted.  When someone is sick--you take medicine--you get better--life goes on.
But everyone doesn't have that luxury. I was reminded of this while I was grumbling in the drive-thru pharmacy on my way home from school. I was upset because I had a car in front of me and a crying baby behind me.
Ungrateful much? I could pick up the needed medicine to fight off an infection for my daughter without. leaving. my. car. CRAZY--little ones die everyday because they don't have access to the medicine needed.

Coffee and a HOT MESS.

It reminds me that I'm tired  and messy because I've been loving on my daughter and taking care of her needs.

Next week I hope to not be so deep. Cause I feel like I was a little THICK tonight. :) I find joy in appreciating and acknowledging the little things.

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  1. I'm so jealous your husband does dishes! He needs to teach my husband something ;-) Have a great weekend!

  2. Hope your daughter is feel better very soon. Love the team that you and your guy are. Where would we be without those guys, right?

  3. Aw, that's awesome that he does the dishes! :) My fiance' is pretty against any kind of housework...but he might have to get over that eventually. ;)

  4. Yay for hubbies that do dishes and teamwork! I hope your little one is feeling better soon and you all get some much needed rest this weekend.

  5. My husband does dishes about half the time which is so great! He also cleans the bathrooms. Hope your little one feels better soon!

  6. I always seem to be most thankful for my children's health when they're sick. I just think about how much worse it could be, how other kids live like that or don't have access to the doctors/medicine that we do. I can be fairly certain that in a week or so my kids will be back to normal, and it's so humbling.

  7. LOVED this thick post. (good description too-- I think I'll have to use that) So many good reminders to be thankful for those little things that truthfully are big things. Hope your sweet girl gets to feeling better real soon and so glad you have your sweet hubby to team up with!

    Thanks for linking up, Laura!

  8. I love when my husband and I work as a makes life SO much easier. PLUS you realize how much a blessing that partnership is. Hope your little one gets feeling better.

  9. I am so jealous that your husband does the dishes. I HATE doing the dishes. And I totally know what you mean about how some people don't have access to medicine or health insurance.. Makes you so much more grateful,

    New follower, please stop on by..

  10. Sometimes things get thick! I loved your little things this week because you took appreciating the little things to the next level: instead of reflecting on your week to say that you appreciated this this and that, you were IN THE MOMENT while appreciating every little thing. That's so true and real and magical.