Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Many moons ago I was a camp counselor. I spent scorching summers in a wigwam with a new group of 12 preteen girls singing songs, making friendship bracelets,  roasting things, blobbing, teaching life lessons, and playing high low each week .

At the end of each evening--as I was tucking my girls into their hannah montanna sleeping bags we would debrief the day by sharing our high's and low's and major woah's of the day. To the girls it was a fun way to end the night giggling over the funny moments and complaining about the evil faced french fries served at dinner for the 4th night in a row. To me it was all those things--but  also a way for me to gauge the girl's experiences. Were they having fun? Growing in their faith? Homesick? Making new friends?

I loved this time.  Although each group of girls changed week after week I always felt bonded to the girls during this time. We connected. We shared. We built relationships.

Fast forward 8 years ::dang, where do the years go?:: I'm no longer living in wigwam (raise the roof) but I'm still craving connections and relationships. I still enjoy daily reflection and giggles over the humorous moments. And I still love sharing.  Here's my high-low-woah from today.

Finishing inventory for my show. WHOMP!  The high of accomplishment. I'm rolling outta here Tomorrow with 30 necklaces, 60 headbands, and 20 pairs of earrings. That's a lotta handmade right there.  I can rest easy tonight.  **fingers crossed** HIGH!

I haven't eaten healthy in a while.  My pants feel it. My self confidence feels it. I know what to do--but garsh darn it.  LOW 

Driving home alone in my car ( hello, RARELY happens) means LOUD BOOMING BELT IT music in my Nissan. Today Beyonce was my choice.  Rolled up to a stop light singing my bootylicious heart out and pounding my hand on the steering wheel. I don't know what it is, but I get SOUL when I'm in my car. The soul quickly vanished when I awkwardly met eyes with the car to my left and he LAUGHED at me and shook his head. Deflated and hot with the tinge of embarssment yet determined to finish the best part of the song--I continued and luckily the light turned green.  WOAH.

Share your high-low-woah with me? I'd love to hear. Not just sayin' that neither. :)

I'm off to Market tomorrow!!  I'm so excited. DREAM come true--feel like I'm bout to ralph (do people still say that?).  Can't wait to show you my finished booth set up.


  1. Good luck at your big show!!!! Can't wait to see pics and hear about it!!!

  2. I am so excited to see your booth tomorrow!
    HIGH: getting to leave work early!
    LOW: not getting more "chores" done around my messy house.
    WHOA: my little guy doesn't like to cuddle as much as he used to.

  3. I love this! :) So excited to hear about the market!!!

  4. high: making our new house into a home. :)

    low: we lost our sweet doggie yesterday... :(

    woah: my man & I are getting married in just 17 days!! :D