Thursday, October 6, 2011

Show time. Booth Display. Warm and Fuzzies.

Well that was an unintentional break. Three weeks go fast especially when you are busy perfecting your SMEYESING. Fierce?

No. Seriously.

So I had a show. Mah first big one. and it was fun! and i loved it!and! and! and!

I really enjoyed meeting my customers.  They were really sweet and some made a special trip just to see me. I was beyond flattered.  I worked really hard to create a booth display that screamed lillypie without screaming at my customer. I really enjoyed creating a space and could probably go around setting up booths around town and be perfectly happy skipping and humming along.
I debuted a lot of new pieces at the sale and recieved some wonderful feedback. I really love the combination of heather seafoam and cranberry--and luckily so do my customers. I sold out of 10 designs while there and was doing a happy dance all the way home.  I was beyond nervous for this show. Putting myself and my designs that I think are pretty is one thing on the interwebs.  I'm still hidden. At a show, I'm sitting right there. Vulnerable. GULP.

Thank you to all my friends! I felt so supported and uplifted through your sweet comments and tweets. I'm loving this little handmade community I've stumbled upon. You're all so sweet. I'm smiling from ear to ear on my side of the screen.


  1. I love your set up!! Adorable!! I have yet to do a show...they are more for old people and tacky crafts where I am from :(

    Anyway AWESOME job!!

    I have to ask where you got the little metal 3 tiered display thingy in the second to last pic....I love that!

  2. Your booth (and your outfit!) is simply gorgeous. I love the classic, girly and feminine feel of your line. And such wonderful colors!

  3. Oh my gosh, your booth looked beautiful! Did you make your sign (hanging from your table)?