Wednesday, October 26, 2011

october dusk {etsy treasures}

cozy autumn. 
pumpkins. frost. mittens.

the first bite of autumn is always exciting. i'm cuddled up on the couch this evening with my favorite chenille blanket  and a cup of freshly brewed spice coffee--feeling like heaven. the daughter is tucked in tight. the husband is fussing with his fantasy football team.
i love the  crisp autumn nights. 

while browsing etsy, i decided to find pretty treasures  that created a collection of items that remind me of october at dusk.  

(LOVE these girls and happy to call them friends)
tradtions. cozy
oddities. crisp. early nights.
flushed cheeks. sweet. harsh
 shimmer. bundle. whispering winds.


  1. love everything on this list, especially that chevron pillow!

  2. Eeek...I love all of these! I went to Etsy to view the gloves and scarf (added the stores to my list of faves) and immediately had to close it down, repeating to myself, "do not buy, do not buy, do not buy." Between you and Sarah recommending so many awesome vendors, a girl can get into some serious trouble!

  3. going to need some headband props for my newborns (who all seem to be boys right now!) niece is coming in December and I would love to give Anna a headband from you! But...I need a necklace with flowers on it for me! LOVE! Thanks for sharing your talent, Laura!
    Heidi Myers [captured] photography by heidi myers~

  4. Love, love, love the scarf...and ALL of your headbands! There needs to be a christmas wish list on etsy...there is so much great stuff on there...but I know my husband could never find it on his own :(

  5. I LOVE the fingerless gloves; I am pretty much obsessed with them and haven't seen any like the ones you posted!

  6. THanks so much for linking up to my pillow. :)

    So glad to have YOU for a friend, too!