Thursday, October 20, 2011

What two means {with a sprinkling of party pictures}


It means hearing "mommy" instead of Momma. 
It means twirling in the living room like a princess.
It means having your heart belong to daddy, elmo,and mickey all at once.
It means concentrating hard on your scribbles and pronouncing "I did dat!" when finished.
It means having your first favorite color and announcing that everything is "geen".

It means dramatic falls to the floor in protest.
It means loving mac and cheese one day and being repulsed by it the next.
It means fruit snacks. keep em coming. all day.

It means " no like".
It means hiding under the covers is the best game. Day or night.
It means telling people where to sit.
It means princess unnawares. :)
It means tickle fights---with retaliation.
It means saying big girls don't.....

It means shorter snuggles.
It means longer goodbyes.
It means irrational thinking.
It means "pwease and tink too's"

It means "I love you's" followed by "go aways". 
It means endless laughter.
It means silly plays.
It means a FULL HEART.


  1. Love this post Laura!! Makenzie is only a few short months from the big TWO and I am cracking up at your list! so true!! Lily is adorable and sounds like she has quite the personality!!

  2. GORGEOUS photos. Miss you girl. Hope you guys are well xoxo