Monday, October 24, 2011

custom, custom

I do a lot of custom designs. Scuffles of my customers have great ideas and inspiration and simply need a set of hands to create their creative designs. I love being those hands. Over the next few weeks I'm going to show you my recent custom design works and the stories behind them. It's a fun way to show you what I've been up to and perhaps might inspire you for a design idea.

"I need a piece to pull everything together" is what Brooke needed. Her family pictures were coming up and she wanted a statement piece for her and coordinating piece for her little one. Not wanting matchy-matchy outfits--but coordinating color schemes, I was pumped to create something timeless, trendy, bold, and MULTI-functional.
My color palette for the design-yummy plums, berries, and reds. I love the rich tones for fall.

I ended up making a beaded necklace featuring mauve rondelles with hammered antique bronze rings on cranberry satin ribbon.  The necklace is such a pretty deep color that will pop but not be over-powering over greys, mustards, mints, and ivories.
For the little one, mom wanted a brooch to add to a  cardigan for a whimsical touch. I love that idea. The brooches that we have adorning our own sweaters and jackets look cute and fresh on the little ones too! You mom's who love floral and ruffly accents but have little one's who REVOLT against headbands now have a new option! Of course more supervision is required, we don't need baby handling a bar pin. Yikes.

Once the family shoot is over, I wanted my gal to be able to wear the brooch in multiple ways. Going with a previous product idea--I created a back that has both brooch pin and hair clip.
She can clip the brooch to the necklace for a cozy fall piece.
She can adorn a sweater, cardigan, chunky sweater,  or jewel toned scarf with the brooch.
She can add a finishing touch to a messy updo with the clip.
She can wear the necklace alone or layered with a sentimental pendant--like a pretty customized necklace from Tag...You're It.
She can clip her brooch to a little ones coat or sweater.
She can clip back her daughter's hair with the sweet rosette.

She can breath easy knowing that these two pieces can really extend her fall accessories!

Named after my customers sweet daughter, the Reegan necklace and brooch pair can be purchased  from my shop!

Do you have a custom idea and you need created? I'd love working with you.


  1. I absolutely looove these colors. Gorgeous! :)

  2. oh my, these are gorgeous. headed over to your shop right now!!

  3. pretty! hope you can share one of her photos - would love to see

  4. love this color combo!! :) Beautiful!