Friday, October 21, 2011

smattering of thoughts.

 Sitting down this afternoon with a latte and my thoughts. From the mouths of my 2nd graders,

" Your mind is about to be blowed."

I'm on fall break.
I really enjoy time off.
I feel refreshed and relaxed.
Why can't I channel this happy laura throughout the work week?
Why do I feel so bogged down and like I'm constantly treading to keep my head above water.
Last week was really rough.
I started praying at the same place in my commute to work.
That really has helped me remain consistent in prayer rather than shouting up random prayers during times of distress.
Thank goodness for the ladies in my small group.
They are wise sassy ladies and I love them dearly.
Speaking ,I need to start thinking of  a dessert for the bonfire on saturday.
Pretty sure I hate baking.
 I'm also a very messy person by nature--and baking tends to bring out the largest messes.
Ugh Mess.
If I wasn't married to an accountant I would consider taking out a loan to pay for a maid an  EXCELLENT investment. 
Maybe not a loan.
That wouldn't be very Dave Ramsey.
Ugh, Dave Ramsey makes my blood pressure rise.
Dang slogan---Debt is normal. Be weird.
Yea, weird.
I can't believe Lilly is still sleeping.
Having three hours to myself to do ABSOLUTELY nothing has been glorious.
and now my coffee is gone.
Panera's pumpkin spice latte is 1000000 better than starbucks. Test my theory. Do it.


  1. i enjoy second cup's (a canadian company) pumpkin spice latte far more than starbucks' as well! when i find myself at a starbucks though, i usually make it better by ordering it half-pumpkin spice, half-caramel. yum. also, my dad taught me when we used to bake together to always clean as you go. dough has to rise for 15 minutes? rinse what's dirty so far and throw it in the dishwasher! while the muffins are baking, wipe down the counters. i thought it was such an obvious tip, but i notice a huge difference between when i do it and when i don't... the difference being that in the former scenario, the kitchen is somehow painlessly clean by the time the baking is done, and in the latter the kitchen seems to never get clean again! for days! ha :)

  2. Loved this post! And Gasp....another Dave Ramsey couple?? WE did that a while back when we had more income coming in and that is part of the reason I was able to stay home with our kids!! But it stresses me out too!!

  3. You should just start buying all of the house cleaning groupons. I would totally do that if I had an excuse to not be able to do it myself ( you know such as working outside the home and running a super successful, super adorable business out of my home.) But alas, I don't. Just budget for extra groupons and I think that dave would be right on board ;)

  4. Okay, so I was just listening to a speech on Proverbs 31 and the proberbs 31 woman had house cleaners and so the speaker made a point that she think's God supports hiring help and "delegating work" essentialy if you are working outside of the home and God trumps Dave Ramsey sooo...maybe it is okay??? :) I should totally send you this C.D.!! :)If you want me to let me know because it like pumped me up!! :)