Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's In My Bag {my jo tote obsession}

One of my bigger purchases this past year has been my Marigold JoTote.  I received my beloved NIKON DSLR this Christmas and wanted a cute, colorful, and SAFE way to carry around my new{est} baby.

It was love at first sight. I loved my new camera bag and took it everywhere--including church because I loved it so much. /////Obviously////I would NEED my camera at church--you never know when the holy spirit will move and I was ready to snap snap snap away. hee.

It's so much MORE than a camera bag. It's my lifeline. It holds everything and is compartmentalized ( something I don't do very often in life).
Seriously--holds my life. What is it about looking in someones purse that makes you feel like you {know} someone? Snooping and eyeing inside a woman's purse  is one of the top no no's--right up there with admitting you clean your nose in the car, peeking at the amount of tip someone leaves, and letting the girl  that DRIVES. YOU.BONKERS. know that she has lipstick on her teeth ( icanbesomean...).

1. Circle Diaps and wipes--necessary.
Pink Dino--distraction toy during checkout
Sanitizer because you're not mom without it ( or so I've been told)

2. SNACKZZZZ and Paci ( for little one or mom--we both get cantankerous without them)
3. First Aid Zipper Pouch--This one is from Boogaboo Handmade
4. Lillypies--my two faves right now--I'm my own best advertisement. :)
5. "Dinks"
6. Phone and Gloss-My favorite gloss is BareEssentials in Peony
7. ADORABLE business card holder from  Oskarmycat
8. Wallet Clutch--another bag that I scored from the swagswap from BoogabooHandmade

9.  I'd love to say this is my list organizer for all things lillypie/family related, because that was the intended purpose. Alas,it is really my JUNK holder--but it's darling and it's made by  Allisa Jacobs--and i love her and therefore it.
10. Keys and Teacher Badge

So, there's my life.and it all fits   in my best friend Jo.

Wait, I know ya'll are like "Um laura,your camera isn't even in the thing!" Yes friends, I know...when I'd like to carry the camera I swap out the "dinks" (because I'm smart) and the first aid kit ( because lilly knows how to shake it off). After that switch the camera fits right in!

l;mkaswiovceawnerlajwenrlkanewrowrpw3rlknadsm lsdjn!!!!!!!!!
Come back and see how pretty it is tomorrow.


  1. You are SO organized. Im jealous!

  2. LOVE your jo tote! I was just glancing through your post and did a double-take! I was like wait, I made those wristlets! haha...glad you're getting use out of them! :)

  3. I love your bag! Inside and outside!

  4. OMG! "you never know when the holy spirit will move and I was ready to snap snap snap away"

    You are hilarious! And quite organized, too! Kudos!

  5. Love it! 1. How much does your bag weigh? I have almost identical stuff in my bag, and it gets to be too much for me! 2. Have to try the Peony lip gloss and various other accessories you mentioned. and 3. Wore the same pin/brooch shown here the other day...and got sooooo many compliments! :)

  6. #3 Amy Butler Fabric is my jam!! Love this bag too!! Gor-gee-us! ;)