Sunday, January 13, 2013

blogging ((saved my life))

Silly- foolish- and heartbreaking.

Back in October my ohsodarling (insert crazy amounts of sarcasm) husband stepped on my laptop climbing on the countertops searching for a flashlight? to complete a pony princess tent/fort in the living room with lilly. I'll let that sink in.....Couldn't Make this stuff up if I tried friends. 

The result was a shattered hard drive and a very pissssssssssssssed wife. Because OF COURSE we climb on counters looking for flashlights ( because we keep them above our dishes?)  with expensive electronics under our feet. Nah--we don't need to move them. Nahhhh---You have excellent balance. Naturally that's a great idea. Duh.

Long story turned short---We lost EVERYTHING on the hard drive including all photos (wedding, honeymoon, and 12,443,223 moments of newborn, baby, and toddler lilly).  Yep, you're right----LOST.  Because while at first this  was a story of my husbands stupidity--it now has taken a turn in highlighting my OWN. Never backed anything up. It was always on a to do list. It was always something meant to be done during a free afternoon.  I never got around to it---and now  I'm heartbroken.

Big ugly cries commenced in Best Buy while talking to the Geek Squad. The poor poor awkward twenty something witnessed this mama LOSE HER STUFF.

I wallowed for a good month. I threw several fancy  pity parties. Our shattered Dell made several trips to other computer companies searching and hoping for a mommy miracle.

and then blogging saved my life. and my husbands.

I didn't lose ALL the images. My husband's life was spared. This blog---filled with my memories and thoughts was waiting patiently. This piece of space---my space had everything I thought was lost.

my first glance of lilly. our first photo as a family. my pregnancy photos. 1st birthdays. Christmases. funny moments. they are all here. this space is special to me. I'm so happy to have all these memories---right here.


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