Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sweet Treats (new headbands added)

I just refreshed the shop and it feel good to do that!  I added five new dainty headband colors.  I have five of each color made and they are just dying to have a happy home. (wink!)  I have peachy pink, cabaret magenta, sweet lilac, ivory, and classic red. Perfect pops of color to freshen up you and your daughter's winter wardrobe. I always feel ready to add more color in my clothing choices this time of year. To me--valentine's day is onnnnnneeee step closer to spring!

My customers always (lucky me!!) come back for my dainty headbands. They really are magical. They are just the right size for your little ones head (yes, newborns too!). They will fit newborns and stretch to fit adults. They do not lose their shape or get stretched out. You can wear it one day and share with your daughter the very next. My friends and I love these headbands and I'm sure you will too.

All new headbands are available for purchase in my SHOP. They are listed in limited quantities and are not guaranteed to be restocked once sold out.

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