Saturday, January 5, 2013

six months ((bubba update))

Last night he was up three times. THREE. I was frustrated, annoyed, concerned, and then ultimately full of love. I sat in the living room rocking my little nugget thinking to myself ---WHY is he getting up so frequently when he had been sleeping through the night so wonderfully? I shouldn't rock him each time he wakes---he's playing me. I'm so easily manipulated by a baby--suckerrrrrrrrr. Tomorrow--he's crying. I'll deal with it. This is the last night of this buddy ole' pal. And then---his hand reached up and cupped my cheek. I looked down and he smiled and did the adorably painful baby combo sigh and laugh. BUTTER.  He melted me into a big pile of mommy goo.

He's been doing that for six months.

He's rolling. He looses his mind when he accidentally rolls onto the hardwood. He has yet to figure out that he could simply roll back onto the rug with ease---he insists that I  do it for him. I'm the momma and I don't mind.

He's large. We've been hanging out in the 90th plus percentile for weight and head size consistently since birth. He eats 5-6 six ounce bottles per day on top of the rice cereal and green peas. Sometimes I wonder if I should really be feeding him this much---and my grandmother, God bless her, is already ranting about childhood obesity with him. She's nuts and watches too much Dr. Oz.  The nicknames bubba and tank have held up nicely.

He's sleeping in his crib. We've finally moved Noah into his shared room with big sister. Ooooh how I drug my feet on this!!  I've so enjoyed having him near me for so long. I loved waking up and hearing his sweet breathing each night---now I'll do it through the monitor. Lilly is over the moon excited to have baby brother in there with her.  We'll see how she holds up tonight when he wakes up for midnight snack in a few hours.

He's stealing my heart. My bubba bear is a snuggler and a flirt. He smiles a huge gummy grin then turns his head and buries it in my shoulder. He grabs my face and bites my cheek when he gives kisses. He purses his lips and kicks like crazy when he sees me walk into a room.  He has filled my already FULL heart with so much love and joy. 

I just love this boy so.


  1. We call our guy Bubba too! He has always been in the 90th percentile of growth too. I can't believe our Bubba is going to be a year old in just a few weeks!

  2. Yay, he is too stinkin cute, I love that our boys are hitting milestones together, makes me feel connected to someone in this crazy world of baby and toddlerhood :)