Monday, November 18, 2013


I don't love every moment of motherhood.  Yes, they are blessings and my most favorite gift---but whewwww buddy it isn't always pretty. I fail. They fail. It's hard wobbling through this relationship with my children at times.  I have a temper. They tend to whine. And I'll stop there.

My morning started at 4:00AM. Ohhh yea. Noah still isn't the best sleeper.  Yep, I'm side eyeing myself too. I don't know why he woke up so early today but cuddles seemed to be all he wanted and you bet  I gave him those cuddles.  We snuggled in on the couch and both  fell asleep.  It was a secret slice of chocolate cake heaven.

Before I dozed off I kept breathing in the details of my 15 month Noah. His fluffy blonde hair. The way his toes curl when he sleeps,  the little crumbs that are always on his face, the way the pacifier falls out of his mouth with the familiar clicking when he falls into sleep. These details that I take for granted. 

While there are definitely moments I don't puffy heart being a parent. One day when these babies of mine are older I'll look back on this time and say that I did. It will be 100% true.
The rotten and stressful will be overcome by the joyous and love-filled. I'll forget that Noah threw his breakfast on the floor again and that Lilly cried about only wanting to wear purple everyday for a week. 

I'm crazy in-love with my people. And all of our details I don't ever want to forget.


  1. Such a sweet post, friend. I can relate so much!

    1. Hey Laura! Thanks so much---such a ride! ups and downs. :)