Tuesday, February 9, 2010

snow day

Flash back 17 years. What's the BEST way to wake up as a 10 year old? " Laura....Laura...there is a snow day...stay in bed." Flash forward. What's the BEST way to wake up as a 27 year old? "This is an automated message from the **** School Corporation, due to the current weather conditions, school will be closed on Tuesday, February 9th."

Thank you for the 6 inches of snow! No alarm clock. No daycare. No students. No grading.

and coffee.

The perfect way to spend a Tuesday morning.

Lilly has seen snow before. I've held her in front of the window numerous times during our many dumpings of the white stuff. This was the first time that Lil seemed intrigued by it. She kept leaning towards the window and reaching for it. One of those mommy moments I won't forget.

P.S. another reason to love this day? I get to watch ELLEN!


  1. That picture makes my heart melt!

  2. YAY! I'm with you sister! Luv snow days! P.S. Lilly Claire=cutest little girl ever!

  3. In response to what you commented on my blog about yesssss I knew they were making amovie and they just casted Ginnifer Goodwin(of hes just not that into you and big love fame) as RACHEL!!!!!!!!

    You should totally make it to where when you comment I(and other people i suppose :) ) can respond and it goes back to your email! Its amazing!!!

  4. We have a snow day too! Isn't it the best? Coffee, baby, and Ellen. I'm right there with you girl.

  5. Aww yay for a snow day!!!! Glad yall had a great day together!

  6. I'd give anything for a snow day home with Addison... you, my dear, have an award waiting for you on my blog :)

  7. yeah for snow day! love the coffee cup! my coffee tastes better in a cute mug!

    ok my lily's bday is sept 26th.....mine is april 11th when is ur lilly's/ now how stange would that be.....
    now you've got me wondering what ur hubby's name and anniversary are hahahaha