Monday, February 15, 2010

solids! sorta...

Can you spot the problemo with this "first cereal" concoction?
On Saturday, we decided to embark on a milestone. Baby girl was gonna get solid food for the first time. I got out my darlings "cereal box" and mixed up the glorious recipe for BABY'S FIRST CEREAL: 1 Tbs of cereal mixed with 4-5 ounces of warm formula. Does the above look like cereal to you? I thought to myself "Who am I to question Gerber? This must be right....runny and delicious." So I continued to stir it up while side eyeing this so called cereal. Scott wrangled Lils into the chair and I began to bring the bowl of soup/cereal to him. He looked at me and said: "This can't be right, did you follow the recipe?." In my best {ugh, you're always second guessing me, OF COURSE I followed the directions you nin-com-poop of a man }voice I replied looking at the box again. "YES, I diiii...wait....."

4-5 TABLESPOONS.....not ounces. Crap.

Much. Better.

I UV COURSE took a video and snapped 92 photos. It's what I do. I'm uploading it not because I think EVERYONE SHOULD SEE MY BESTEST BAYBEE....but because if I put it on blogger, I can watch it at school during my prep, lunch, the kids recess, and science test. :)

I apologize for the foul mood Lilly was in prior to her big milestone. Apparently the cute baby high chair was not cushiony enough for her likeness.

Oh, and the best way to knock you and your husband off the "we're totally a cool and stylish fun couple" list? Listen to yourself talking to a baby on video. Works ev'ry time.


  1. I cant get over how cute she is! I love this video...she looks terrified then shes like ohhhh food..yum!

  2. That video is so cute!!!!! I could never get the measurements down right either!

  3. Who is such a big girl? Lilly is such a big girl! (Can you tell I'm totally doing the baby voice in my head?) I can't believe what a lady she is becoming! OMG!

  4. oh i love it!!! she is such a big girl!! so proud of her! love love love my lil bug :) xoxo