Tuesday, February 23, 2010

my cup overflows

When I was in college I worked at SpringHill camps. Never in my whole 27 years of existence have I felt more like I was doing what I was put on this earth to do. Never. No, I'm not just being dramatic. For reals. I lived in a tepee with nine other 5th and 6th grade girls. A different group each week. For 12 weeks. We blobbed, swam, kayaked, hiked, zip lined, bmx'd (aww yea), all while teaching them about the love that comes only from my Jesus. It was great. I miss it. A Lot. Alas, working at a camp doesn't pay all the bills. My good friend Sallie Mae came looking. Ugh, she's so nosey.

Anyway... I do have a point. I needed ya'll to know the background knowledge first. So after one week at camp a mother of one of the girls I was with the whole week came up to me with tears in her eyes and said to me " Thank you for loving my daughter this week. I pray one day you can experience the joy of seeing others love your child. " At the time, it was a touching moment that I nervously and awkwardly laughed off because I was extremely uncomfortable with this woman crying to me that I did not know. Weeeirrrrdd.

But now.

I get it.

Seeing others love Lilly is a wonderful feeling. Watching someone else's face light up at her smile is heart warming. I understand what that parent was telling me six years ago. Of course, you love your child. Of course, you cherish and bank every smile and giggle. As a parent I understand now that seeing others love your child as much as you is FULFILLING. My cup overflows. :)

How's that for warm and fuzzy on a cold February night?


  1. Holy 3rd Trimester hormones, I just cried at this post! I just had that thought the other day that although I don't want to share her (in my selfishness, I know) I can't wait to see the joy she brings my parents, my siblings and all who get to hold our precious little girl! You are such a great mamma Laura, keep it up :)

  2. Oh my gosh Laura! This is soo true. Sara and Todd taught me how true this is. They love my babies as their own, and it melts my heart!!
    It is an amazing thing to see someone else love your child.

  3. ahh she brings me so much joy... seeing her sunday made my day :)

  4. Aww that is so sweet! Lilly lights up on your blog so I can only imagine her in person!

  5. Seriously? A tepee? For 12 weeks? I worked at camp one summer and thought I was roughing it in a (musty, old, bugged-filled) cabin where I had to walk to a different building for a bath and shower (if you can call it that)...but a tepee? I am not sure I could do it.

    BUT, I do understand those mama tears....


  6. What an amazing story!

    I only hope one day I understand too :)

  7. This is a great post! How exciting that you could see it come full circle.

  8. How sweet. Such a cutie you have :)