Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blog high-five!

So this either makes me really cool... or a HUBER (huge and uber)nerd, but I got my first blog award. I'm gonna go ahead and classify myself in the cool category. I'll let you decide on your own. Anyway, Stefani over at Derek and Stefani passed this along to me. Blog high-five!

Awards have rules. Weird, no? It's kinda reminding me of a modern day chain letter. I always passed those along too..I believe I even hand wrote a few of em. Ummm HELLO I was NOT about to NOT have my crush ask me out. Woooooah no-no.

1. Thank and link the person who gave you this award.

2. Pass this award onto 5 blogs that you think are fantastic.

3. Contact blogs and let them know they've won.

4. State seven interesting things about yourself that people may not know.


-I'm a lefty and Scott's a lefty we realllllly hope Lilly is a lefty. Lefties are a lot cooler than righties. fact.

-I'm addicted to caffeine. Bad. I drink several cups of coffee in the morning and have a diet coke almost everyday at lunch. I get headaches if I don't. Not something to be proud of, buttttttt.....Oh and McDonald's has the BEST fountain drinks. Period. My belief is that they have a deal with Coca-cola for a super secret carbonation recipe that no one else has. OH, and their straws are the best. I hate skinny straws.

-I had a hard time adjusting to being a mom. I thought it would come instinctively like everyone said. I don't feel like it did for me. I got a lot of anxiety about it.

-I have lots of weird life goals. For example--I wanna swim with dolphins (stemming from the classic Full House episode), have an etsy website (although I currently make nothing handmade), I want to meet someone famous (pref. carrie), and I'd love to direct a children's musical.

-I love 98% of the tv shows on the CW. Pretty sure most of those shows demographics are the 9-18 age bracket.

-I looked up how to become a cast member on GLEE. They ARE CASTING if you are under 26!!!!!! FYI. :)

-I think my voice sounds the best in the car. I sing there every. time. I don't care if people laugh at me. I crank my music loud.

I nominate:

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's

Bethany @ So this is love

Allison @ Baby Makes Three

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too

Neely @ Neely's Nothings


  1. Awww...thanks for reading! I'm a lefty too and I completely agree with you about McDonalds! My husband doesn't understand why I have to go to McD's instead of any other (ie:closer) place to get my drink. Glad I'm not the only one!

  2. Aww you are so sweet thank you!!! I swam with dolphins on my honeymoon a few years ago because of the Full House episode! Its the only thing I have checked off of my long to do before I die list!

  3. Awwww THanks girlie :) I love your blog and we are sooo similar I am a caffeine addict(lattes are my weakness) and I watch a ton of shows on the CW! Have you seen Life Unexpected?? Its great :) Happy Valentines Day !!!!

  4. THANKS for the award!! I was so excited Matt was laughing at me :) I'm becoming a huge blogging nerd and love every second of it! Enjoy your baby girl this valentines day!!

  5. Ok, so your list is amazing! The Glee thing is priceless and I am so with you on the Mcdonalds beverages. Their sweet tea is the best!!!

    Congrats on your award and thanks for passing it on to me! I adore your blog lady :)

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