Sunday, November 6, 2011

Adorable Winter {a pretty package program}

Raise your hand if you have ever felt the winter blahs.Ummm..yeah. I know. Midwest winters can really dragggg onnnnnnnn and I just find myself longing for COLOR! and WARM Weather! and anything that will boost my post holiday bummers that begin oozing out of me come February. Well, if your hand is still raised--put it down and read on. Because I think I have something that will help banish those blahs this winter. eeee!! right!?

This winter I'm rolling out a little club so-to-speak. A beat-winter-get-pretty-packages-with-fun-accessories club that I'm callling Adorable Winter for short!

Who doesn't love receiving pretty packages in the mail? How fun would it be to look forward to an adorable surprise FOR YOU each month of the long winter ?

Adorable Winter is for you (however you know me and everything  is meant to be shared with your little one).  You deserve a treat. You work hard and are busy buying for others. Adorable Winter is for you. Around the 15th of each month (December through March) a pretty little accessory from Lillypie Accessories will be handmade, packaged and sent to you. It will be something different each month. An adorable surprise!

My inspiration journal is packed full of sketches of fun winter inspired accessories. The items in the Adorable Winter collection are NEW designs with NEW fabrics.  They are inspired by winter neutral colors as to match your existing wardrobe.  Think cream, ivory, mocha, champagne sparkle, mint, mustard, deep teal.  I know, I'm excited too. :)  The items will be different each month.  A SURPRISE--it's what makes it fun! You can expect all my specialties-- necklaces, brooches, and headbands.The items in the adorable winter collection will be available to YOU first. They will not be listed in my shop until YOU have received yours. You're lillypie VIP in my eyes.
Yes! Now is a great time to buy for someone else. Purchase an Adorable Winter package for the lovely friend of yours who enjoys wearing stylish and pretty accessories. She will LOVE the surprise she receives every month. Purchase an Adorable Winter for you and a friend and receive a discount reimbursed to you after checkout! Or you could do what I do with my friends on occasion--okay this is kinda embarrassing to admit. You buy your friend one, she buys yours---gift to each other. MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)

Visit my shop and click the Adorable Winter section on the left sidebar. Purchase any of the available Adorable.Winter packages. In the notes to seller please verify the name and address for the person receiving the packages.  This will be the address I send the pretty things to--not the address on paypal. I want to make sure it's going the RIGHT place. Verify and pay and you're all set! I'll contact you after payment and tell you how excited and happy I am for you! I can only imagine how fun it will be to get something pretty in the mail each month!

Winter Blahs?? See ya later!!! :)

Buying the accessories individually from my shop would cost you $85 with shipping each time. The Adorable Winter package is priced at $49.99 with a ONE TIME shipping fee of $10 with your subscription for US orders. International orders, please contact me first before shipping so I can calculate your shipping rate.

If you are money savvy or have an accountant as a husband like me,  being a part of  Adorable Winter is $15 a month. You deserve it! What are you waiting for?

The first 5 that purchase, will receive FREE SHIPPING! {to be refunded via paypal after purchase}

Purchase 2 { remember, one for you--one for friend}  and you'll receive FREE SHIPPING on one of your subscriptions.

Purchase 3 {one for you, one for friend, one for another friend} and you'll recieve an *extra* surprise each month for a total of  eight adorable creations instead of four!!

Purchase 4 {You're now upgraded to a best friend of mine whom I will cherish forever and send brithday and christmas gifts each year!!!} No, kidding aside.... Purchase four subscriptions and you'll get extra surprises, and free shipping for ALL FOUR memberships.

Purchase 5 {and I faint.............}

{no coupon codes or discounts valid on this program}

Deadline to sign up is Wednesday November 30th!

I'm just so excited. excited. excited!

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