Monday, November 21, 2011

Good Bye Patty

 The pacifier--some mothers love them and to other's they are an equivalent to a dirty word. To me,  I didn't have a problem with it. and by golly it worked. Thinking back on the haze of the first few weeks of new baby bliss hell, the pacifier saved us. She was soothed, we gained sanity and by week four the fog began to lift and we all got into our groove.

Lilly loved her pacifier. She lovingly named it Patty.  After she turned one Patty became a nighttime treat. After she turned two....well I started to feel like maybe it was time for Patty to leave. I didn't want her to, but when Lilly asked for her pacifier using a complete. sentence.--I knew she was getting too old for it.

I really had NO plan on how to break Lilly of her friend, Patty.  I was scared.  I value sleep and knew what kind of nights were ahead without our dear friend, Patty. It's safe to say I broke out into a cold sweat at the thought of a night without Patty. My one memory of a night without Patty was  a year ago and I'll just say there were GNASHING OF TEETH that night.

Then baby Milo was born.

Milo is the newest addition to by best friend's family. My womb is craaavving another one of these squishy miracles!

Lilly loves babies--they can be plastic, they can be cloth, they can be human.  She has the mommy thing going right now. When we went to meet baby Milo she noticed his pacifier in the bassinet. 

"Ahhh....Mi-yo's patty?" 
"Yes, babies need patties, you're not a baby are you?"
"Ahhh no mommy, Imma beeeg gurl."
"Yes, Lilly you are." !!!!LIGHT BULB MOMENT!!!!!! "Do you want to give Milo your Patty?"
"Eye do dat"

and she gave up her pacifier. Just like that.

My mommy tears welled up in my eyes at the thought of her giving a new baby her most prized possession. He needed it.  She gave it.

Gosh, can't we ALL learn from that?

As we left the hospital that evening, my best tossed me the pacifier just in case....
Lilly and I both cried that night....but three days later  the tears are dry and Patty has a new happy  home.