Monday, November 14, 2011

High, Low,Woah {V.3}

Good Morning!  I'm starting this week off on a positive note. On my way in to work, I'm grabbing a gingerbread chai latte--so this monday HAS to be good! I hope that you have a great morning as well! I thought I'd share my high, low, woah from this weekend with you all in hopes that you'll share yours with me! I'm also sprinkling in some prints from a few  of a favorite shops.

This weekend was a GREAT lillypie weekend. It was a weekend where the thoughts of "Mayyyybbeee full time???" started swimming in my head again. Last week I launched Adorable Winter and I'm so happy that it is doing well.  I love getting the notes attached to the orders telling me that they are  "sooo excited to be getting a creation from me all winter long." It makes me feel good, and Imma BLOW their socks off with the adorables headed their way come December. If you'd like to learn more, check this post out!

Also, I'm participating in a few gift guides and one of them launches today! I think gift guides are such a fun and easy way to learn about handmade shops. I am really looking forward to finding some new shops and picking up items for loved ones on my Christmas list. Oh--and the discount codes are awesome too. I love a deal. Kim, from Oh, Sweet Joy! is such a doll and I'm excited to work with her! Her HANDMADE HOLIDAYS is up now! :)

aaannnndd Leonora from Yellow Heart Art designed an AMAZING lillypie logo for me and we finalized it on Friday. I've been playing and tweaking all things lillypie and am looking forward to rolling out a brand new look SOON!

While talking this weekend, Scott and I realized that we haven't been on a date in a month. Life is so busy and our obligation list gets longer and longer with each passing moment. I can tell when we haven't connected emotionally and this weekend it was felt.  I was snippy. He was standoffish. We both decided some time alone is needed--it's penciled in for next weekend. Hopefully a high for next week will be some much needed QT with my man! :)

On Saturday Lilly and I made our routine trip to craft stores, barnes and noble and Target. Target is our last stop and  ONLY. THE . ESSENTIALS. are bought.  SOMEHOW  on this trip we ended up in the shoe department trying on boots. ?!?! Does this happen to you? I was embarrassingly struggling to get the *perfect* taupe boots zipped when a woman passed by.  Then she passed by again. and on her third go around past she stopped and said:
"oh dear, as one mother to another I must tell you this. You have a sucker stick stuck to your back"

I gave lilly a sucker at 10:00. It was now pushing 1:00.


What's your high, low, and woah for this weekend? Please share, you'll make my Monday even happier.


  1. Oh man, a sucker stick! I would totally do that... :)

  2. Its not Monday...but -
    My high yesterday was seeing my parents!!! After 2 VERY looooong weekss, some slight worries, and flight issues, I picked my mom up at the airport at 1:30 and my grandma brought my dad home at 6:15!! My low, was taking Ellie to get her shots for her 15 month well baby. My woah - While ordering pizza last night, my mom reminded me they are a part of Pizza King's discount program. Not remembering the name of the fancy discount program, I told the gentleman on the phone "We are on your special friends list, you know your fancy list, great friends, oh what is it called?" His respond, in a very serious tone "Mam, I have no idea what you are talking about". Great. Thanks dude! My mom and I just chuckled!

  3. I love this post. Fulltime? I LOVE this thought :) Let me know if you have a button ready, and we can get the ball rolling! HUGS