Tuesday, November 1, 2011

high.low.{woah} V.2

 Sitting down this morning I felt like writing another high.low.woah post.  I enjoyed writing the last one because it reminded me of my days of camp. Who knows?  Perhaps it will become more  frequent.  I'd love for it to be a way that we can connect to each other. It's always fun to share the good,  bad and the holy craps! with each other! 

Yesterday was the perfect fall day. It was one of those days that you just crave as a mother. Family time. Memories. Traditions.  Ahhh...just love. We spent the morning picking, carving {for the first time}, scooping, designing, and taking the obligatory jack-o-lantern pictures. It was such a fun morning!

Perfect fall day=perfect fall videos of daughter covered in pumpkin. RIGHT? Nope. No batteries for the camera. Mommy fail. Camera was working so not a total loss. :)

I thought I was a dead woman. While carving my jack-o-lanterns happy grin I sliced my finger. It ended up being **NOTHING** and I don't know if it was the light headedness or the sight of blood but I immediately started thinking about how I could get to the hospital. No sooner had the blade touched my hand and I was thinking " Grab the diaper bag. I bet my neighbor could watch lilly. Call my parents. Call an ambulance. Grab a BRUSH! I'm a mess! I should've taken a shower!" Silly, Laura. The wound didn't even require a bandaid.


  1. I'm glad the cut wasn't serious! That would have been a definitely low.

    Happy November 1st! ;)

  2. :) I do that with my camera ALL THE TIME! I have no pictures of last halloween for that very reason :/

  3. this made me smile. so funny! though i must say happy you didn't have to follow through with your plan.