Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Letting my Laura light {shine}

We  run the world.  Girls.

Sit and think about that. Beyonce is a smart cookie and she's right, we do. :)

It's very hard being a working mother. The scheduling is difficult, but the worst part is the guilt. We mom's love us a heap of mommy guilt don't we?  I struggle with the guilt of leaving lilly every day.  I also find that when I'm thinking about her I feel guilty about not being focused at work. Am I doing everything that I can? Am I doing enough? Sadness. Woe is me. Buck up Laura, millions do it.   Round and round I go. I know I'm not alone. 

I think it's very important that as a mother we do something for ourselves. It's easy to give give give and become burnt out and in a state of numbness. 

How do you find something to do for yourself when we are constantly running our worlds?  Cooking. Cleaning. Ministering. Being a friend. A good wife. A CLEAN and KEPT human being? 

Lillypie is what I do for me. Lillypie is an outlet. Lillypie is a dream. Lillypie is an accomplished goal. When my daughter is tucked in for the evening my *laura* light really begins to shine.

The laundry pile gets too big. The meals don't get planned in advance. My husband picks up the evening lilly tornado of toys and that's okay. I'm busy being me. I'm busy learning about myself.  The happiness I experience makes me a better mother. A better wife. A better teacher because I'm happy being me.

What do you do for you? Please share!

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  1. Great Post! I totally know what you mean about the heap of mommy guilt! I have it like ALOT! I love what I do as well, and blogging! But other things I do for me are sitting down with coffee and a book, or during nap time when I SHOULD be cleaning I sit with coffee and my DVR and catch up on my shows!

    Love ya girl!

  2. I run 'for me'. Unfortunately for me and my thighs, it doesn't happen enough.

  3. my etsy shop is my outlet for creativity and "my time." sometimes, for me, it's just taking the time to go on pintrest and try out a new hair style. i also love going shopping (but what girl doesn't?) .

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