Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a cupcake could solve this problem

Every year around the second week in August I have the same  dream several nights in a row.

I can't sleep tonight.I didn't have the dream tonight captian obviously because I'm not sleeping yet. Der. But... I kept thinking about it.  My  body is exhausted but my mind just  won't slow down. I think this another curse of being a woman. Childbearing. HIPS. Constant thinking.  Darn you Eve!

Anyway, I've seriously had this dream AT LEAST 15 times over the past 5 years. I tossed and turned for a good hour tonight and thought oh heck...just get up and snoop on the internet for a while. Now I'm going to blog about it. Because that's what normal people do right? They snoop and then think OH! I should write this down. Right?

Wow...get on with it Laura.

So in my dream I'm in front of a classroom. It's never been a class full of students that I have actually had. Just a random grouping of 10 year olds. They are going NUTS. Like chasing each other around the room, eating random things like tissue paper (actually had a group of 5 kids do this once....), jumping off desks, screaming, girl fighting,  crying, kids telling me "YOU CAN"T MAKE ME!!"  defiant kids barking under desks.... just all around CHAOS. The entire dream is me trying to get control of this class. I'm yelling, screaming, reasoning, and threatening and NOTHING works. Basically the dream is me trying to get the attention of these maniacs and I can't. They don't listen. They throw things at me. They completely ignore me. Over and over this dream occurs. It is literally my worst nightmare. Some people have the fear of public speaking. Some people have the fear of spiders. I have the fear of not being able to control 10 year olds.

Good thing this is just a dream. Good thing I can command the attention and respect ( for the most part) of a group of 25 10 year olds all while teaching them to love learning, show ALL their work ALL of the time, read books and then read MORE books, and telling them "no you may not use the restroom"...again.

Tomorrow I meet my kids and their parents. My kids that I will be devoted to from 9-4 five days a week until May 23rd.  I have a professional yet trendy dress picked out. I have my jar of 196 pencils on my desk. I have  love from and  for Lilly in my heart {and 12,394,223 pictures of her on my desk}, and I've mentally prepared to be FIRM and approachable, and I'm ready to make them LOVE me.

When a student LOVES you? They'll do anything for you.

Now if only I could make this nagging-reoccurring-nerves-dream have a happy ending...maybe a cupcake before bed? Doesn't eating sugary foods before bed make you have crazy dreams? I'd love a crazy shopping spree- celebrity bff (CARRIE!), I have the perfect hair and a Volkswagen jetta and I have dolphins in my backyard kinda crazy dream tonight.  Is that just a myth? :)


  1. I am also a teacher and I have a dream before every school year that I forget to take my kids to lunch! I mean, really, who could forget to take their kids to lunch??

  2. thinking of you friend as you go back! thanks for making a difference in our kids lives!

  3. Oh gosh I so remember the back to school dreams! I always had them too! Good thing, like yours, they were only dreams or should I say nightmares!

    Best of luck with the new bunch of kiddos and the school year! Reading your blog really does make me miss teaching that much more!

  4. I hope you had a great day meeting the parents and kids!

  5. Laura you need to start blogging again ASAP because I am having some "Big Cursive L" Blog post withdrawals. :-P

  6. Hoping everything is going well!! I think a cupcake solves anything! :)