Monday, August 9, 2010

lillypie open houses

Just sent off a big happy box of lillypies to North Carolina. No really...a BIG box. :) Lillypie Accessories has now expanded to do in-home showcases similar to silpada, mary kay, and pampered chef parties. North Carolina is the lucky state chosen to host the first.

This past week I spent countless hours crafting 35 lillypie bands, clippies, bows, jewelry, and bobby pins. That big happy box is the merchandise that will be shown. Guests of this open house may browse and buy any items. Orders will also be taken of custom designs as well as replicas of the showcase designs.

The hostess of the showcase will earn $5 lillypie credit for every $25 purchased (excluding shipping).

Reasons why you should love this idea:
 immediate accessories
girl time
girl time
girl time {no kiddies}
barefoot muscato? :) :)
creative inspiration
confidence that you are buying from a mompenuer who truly loves what she's doing

I am now booking shows  from September-November.

** local  photographers/ mompenuers!! team up with Lillypie for extra exposure**
Contact me for a mini-session party plus win!


  1. that sounds incredible!!! what a fabulous idea. you are seriously taking off with this. it's awesome

  2. I found your blog from a high school friend. I live in Avon and would be interested in having a party sometime in the fall/winter! Are you still booking them??