Thursday, August 5, 2010


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Thankful on a Thursday
I know we all have days where things are SUCK! and nothing is going right! and my self image is low! and I have too many of those days. Especiallly lately.
I deleted my previous post because I was embarassed.  My insecurites got the best of me and on a whim I logged onto blogger and deleted that sucker. And now? I wish I wouldn't of . Anyway, I was ashamed and shouldn't of been. But I was. Long cuddlefestswith baby, heart to heart with the bestie, a new pair of pants and one KILLA pair of shoes later and I feel much better. :)
Dear LORDY!. I have so much to be thankful for! How ungrateful of me to allow myself to wallow in self pity?
That is NOT the girl I want to be. That is NOT the girl I am.

Today? I am thankful ...

...that my family lives close by.
...that I'm meetin my momma downtown for lunch and I know it will make her day.
...that my lilly girl is napping in her pack and play in her room and that my blood pressure no longer skyrockets at the thought or mere mention of the work NAP.
...that I'm going to get my hair done tonight. :) pamper time for LOVA!
...that my lillypie business is taking off and that i'm enjoying it more and more everyday.
... that people forgive. and that I am able to forgive.
...that the Loft gives a sweet teacher discount!!
...that I have a JOB. and that I see my job as stable.
...for old songs that INSTANTLY take you back to a memory.
...that my family and I are getting away to a weekend in a cabin.
...that this record HEAT WAVE is easing up in TIME for the weekend cabin getaway. :) holla.
...that even when I'm feeling far from God, I can always draw near to HIM.
...that I've been able to RESIST the chicfila temptation that I've had EVERDAY.
...that I have a BEAUTIFUL and HILARIOUS Personality FILLED daughter who fills my heart with so much joy I could cry....and often do. :)
...that I am emotional, sensitive, dramatic, and energetic.It makes me, ME. I should stop seeing those qualitities as negative. :)

What are you thankful for today?
Please don't say might cause me to stumble from my fasting. ha.

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  1. Cuddles and shoes always solve my problems. ;) The pant, eh, it could go either way! Today I'm thankful for a supportive husband, a mother who's always there for me, and my new job that I start next week!