Monday, December 28, 2009

--family pic!

We like to take lots of pictures of ourselves. And by we....I mean me. I don't know what it is about having a family of three that makes me want to document EVERY.SINGLE.MOMENT. of our lives. Lilly is wearing pajamas-family pic! Lilly has a present-family pic! Lilly is wearing a WHITE bow-family pic! Lilly looks confused again-family pic! Lilly is staring at the ceiling fan-family pic! Good thing Scott is a good sport annnnnnndd my camera has a large memory card. The Gambrel's thoroughly enjoyed Lilly's first Christmas. We got Lilly some caaauuuttteee new pacifiers ( one says I heart mommy..yeayeaaaaa), new bottles, links (currently a haaauuugeee hit with the wee wittle one) Lilly's holding a link-family pic!, and a mother goose book. It was such a fun few days. Lilly was quite the trooper traveling around to the many different celebrations. I was pleasantly surprised. She was very tuckered out come Sunday. She took three, TAHREEEEEEE hour naps and. aaaannnnd she let me snuggle for like an hour. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.

I go back to school a week from today. Pretty soon it will be me crying it out, not lilly.


  1. Love your pics Laura!! Lily look so happy....(she sure was on the good list this year)...Love you and Lily bug....When can I come see her again!??