Tuesday, December 8, 2009

rice crispie treat madness

i haven't lost all the weight i gained during the 9 months it took to build lilly's arms, legs, brain, and beautiful blue eyes. i'm having difficult feeling "cute" even with a new outfit (which pre-lilly always did the trick) and more than 10 minutes of primping.
but....... i kinda (ok...not "kinda" more like "TOTALLY") have myself to blame. i made rice crispie treats yesterday (my brain still tells me i have cravings...totally NOT my fault..it's chemical) and i've single handedly eaten the ENTIRE pan. here's my backwards reasoning.

yesterday 9:45 "mmmm....rice crispie treats!"
10:00 am-made the goodies
10:30-licked out the bowl
10:45-enjoyed ahhh-treat....as in uno, eins....
11:15-crept back into the kitchen, side eyed the pan --enjoyed aaaahnother
11:30- WORKED OUT WITH MS. DENISE AUSTIN courtesy of "total body makeover"
12:00 DIET STARTS NOW.....fo real this time.... MOMENT
7:00- husband ate two treats....still 1/3 of the pan left ( I was hoping he would bask in my baking skills and finish it off therefore me leaving me no temptations....rats)
this morning
8:00 entered kitchen groggy to fetch miss lil her bottle and unawaringly ( new word?!) decided to spike my blood sugar with an early morning snack.

10:00 Then came the irrational thought "Finish the pan this morning...get it OUT OF THE HOUSE and you'll no longer be tempted and your diet can start again FO REAL THIS TIME!!
current time--10:45 holding a fork while typing finishing off the last of the rice crispie treats.

here is lilly voicing her frustration that i didn't think to share the marshmallow goodness with her....

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnndddd she's over it...


  1. ummm, my "baby" is 14 months old and I still have rice krispie treat cravings!! :) Don't worry, the weight will come off- even with the rice krispie splurges :)

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