Thursday, December 31, 2009

peace out 2009

I wanted to write sianora...but couldn't figure out how to spell it correctly. doh.
2009 was an huge, large, EPIC, wooooooaaaaahhhhhh kinda year. I saw a few picture mash ups on facebook and thought, "awww how cauutte!" So I did my own on picnik. :)
Let's see. I drank wine. Played rockband. Got pregnant. Went to Kings of Leon. No longer drank wine. Became obsessed with Petunia Picklebottom. Turned 26. Peed on lots of sticks. Taught 4th grade. Gained 48 pounds. Ate lots of chic-fila. Drank lots of limeades. Laid out pregnant in a two piece (gasp!). Got really hot laying out. Bought lots of baby clothes. Painted a ton of furniture white. Had numerous breakdowns over painting furniture white. Had 4 showers. Wrote a bazillion thank you notes. Read a buncho books about babies. Had 7 ultrasounds. Went to the ER once. Tried to play tug-of-war pregnant. Was THAT GIRL who called her OB too much. Watched my little brother get married. Stressed out about the bridesmaid dress. Looked HOTTT in the dress. :) Cried a lot. Laughed a little bit more. Tried not to waddle. Tried to turn my breech baby. Gave up on that. Freaaaaaked out about a c-section. Had a Csection. Realized they weren't that bad. Cried when I met Lilly. Laughed when I held Lilly. Kissed her a CATRILLION times. Changed poopy diapers. Got pooped on. Got peed on. Got puked on. Didn't mind. Fell in love with Scott MORE. Cuddled with Lilly on the couch. Tried to breastfeed. Failed at breastfeeding. Cried about not breastfeeding. Got over it. Loved on Lilly. Realized that a MOBY is amazing. Took a quatrillion pictures. Discovered GLEE!! Met baby Ainsley. Met baby Grace. Met baby Hailey. Met baby Marlo. Met Baby Beckett. Met baby Corinne. Met baby Brooke. Met baby Beckett (2). Met A LOT of babies! Worried about reflux. Took her to Target. Took her to Chicfila. Cried when she smiled. Obsessed over her smile. Took her to American Eagle. Was THAT GIRL who called her pediatrician too much. Took her to the mall. Spent more money. Filled out her baby book ad nauseum. Became addicted to her swing. Checked facebook a lot. Blogged a lot. Discovered that I love writing. Realized that all the books I read about babies really just made me compare Lilly and think that something was wrong. Put books in the garage. Marveled when she held her head up on her stomach. Drank some wine! Lost 30 pounds. Tried to get her to fall asleep in her crib. Met with her daycare lady. Cried about taking her to daycare. SHE SLEEPS IN HER CRIB! Had a Merry Christmas. Ate lots of chocolate. Gained 5 pounds. Whew!

Happy New Year!

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  1. LOVE the post. you are so stinkin cute. so glad you and scott are in our small group. have a fabulous new year with your little one. :-) see you soon?