Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm not tired. Seriously. When did this happen and hoooowww inconvenient? Scott's asleep. Lilly's asleep ( finally....... we need HALP!). There is nothin on TV. No Gossip Girl. No Hills. No Desperate Housewives. No Greys. No Office. No 30 Rock. and the most devastating NO GLEE!

TIME OUT. rumor has it it won't be back til APRIL. Lilly will by mobile by then! I won't possibly be able to watch MAH FAVE show and keep Lilly from eating the power cords all at once! Wah!

So It's 9:41 and I'm BORED. (haha first I typed it board....wait that's not right.) I'm done stalking facebooking and I've caught up on all the blogs I read. So naturally there is only one thing really left to do...ramble on the internet and pretend like people care.

I started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred today. Great idea to start it before Christmas, no? I'd really like to get back down to a single digit size here in the new few months. I'd really like to stop using my bella band in the new few months. and I'd realllllllllllllllllllyyyyy like to rid myself of this pizza dough belly I've acquired. So, here we go. Day One=Success.

Lilly will be THREE WHOLE MONTHS on Friday. Holy chicken, where has the time gone? Let me just dote on my darlin for a sec.
-she held onto her rattle today! (yes, Ally....the LADYBUG one!!!)
-she coos and talks all. the.time. (She's sooo verbal. soooo advanced, this one.)
-she can be wailing and telling me she hates her life, but as soon as I set her pampered butt on the changing table she stops. (whaaa??)
-she outgrew her newborn insert of the car seat
-she is a champion eater now. she is no longer on the soy formula (TAKE THAT ENFAMIL!) but she gobbles up six whopping ounces of the Gentlease stuff ( a whopping 8 bucks cheaper!) Let me break this down for you...That's 7.5 McDonalds cokes or a large #1 from Chic-fil-A EXTRA pickles with Polynesian sauce ooor 3 US Weeklys ooorrrrr 8 strawberry limeades (during happy hour of course) OOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRR SIX PARADISE BAKERY COOKIES cheaper!
-she's sleeping through the night (i know the moment I press the "publish post" button Lilly will declare a sleep strike on me. i'm scared. moving on.)
-she's the cutest little one...ever. and I love her oh-so-much.

HOWEVER.....we are having troubles getting her to sleep at night. She's a little attention seeker ( wonder where that trait comes from?). We used to (as in two weeks ago) be able to set her in the crib, give her a kiss, turn on the sound machine, walk out of the room and she'd put herself to sleep. That is NO LONGER WORKING. We leave the room....and she cries like her crib is on. fire. We walk back into the room...smiles, coos, and kicks like a goober. Should we let her cry it out? Is she too young for that? We aren't getting her out of the crib to rock her...but should we? Should we let her "play" more before settling her down? More formula? Should I give her an ambien? (JK!) Please HELP me. If you have any suggestions....please share. C'mon, quit blog lurking and lend a hand. seriously. i need you.

"i'm the caaaauuuutttttest baybee in Avonnnnn."


  1. Corrinne's been doing the same thing since that age (a whole month). Unfortunately we just rock her to sleep which isn't going to rid you of your problem. If you let her cry it out, it'd probably only be really hard (for you & Scott) the first couple nights. If you're willing to do it, go for it. We just have another child in the house sleeping just down the hall so I'm hesitant to let her wail too long. Cause I can handle rocking one 4 month old baby to sleep...adding a 19 month old toddler to that is not happening. :) You crack me up, by the way!!

  2. We finally had to let Megan cry it out. It was awful, but so worth it. Basically, we put her to bed and let her cry for about 5 minutes. I would go back in and without picking her up, I would tell her I loved her, rub her belly, and walk back out. Then I would let her cry for 10 minutes and go back in and do the same thing. It's called the ferber method. The first night we did it she cried for a total of 30 minutes. The second night she cried for about 10 minutes and she has slept through the night since then...unless she's sick or teething. It's not fun to do and I cried listening to her cry like that, but I'm so glad we did it. Megan was 4 months when we did this. I rocked her to sleep every night up until that point. Good Luck!

  3. ok, so you have no clue who i am but i found your blog off of bethany's and i just think you are so funny and your little girl is just precious...and yes, i am blog stalking:) and hey who doesn't love to look at other mom's blogs and get ideas, or know that someone is having the same problems as you :)... I have 2 girls myself! anyways, we do the cry it out and it works! it's hard but you just have to occupy yourslef with something else besides her crying..."right" you say..occupy myself with something else while my precious baby is crying her lungs out ?!? It really does make your life easier in the end. My oldest we did the cry it out and i just lay her down for naps, bedtime, etc and she just falls asleep, no fuss, no nothin and it's been that way since she was a newborn. If you can't handle it any longer (the crying) just go in to the room, don't pick her up, but rub her back (or belly, whichever way she sleeps), sing to her, etc...just to let her know you are there. Now, don't get me wrong there are days that i rock or whatever just because i want that time with them and know that we won't get these days back with them and soon they wont want to sit on my lap and rock. But it's not an everytime thing and they don't "need" it to go to sleep. Sorry for the book!

  4. awwww I'm glad she likes her rattle!! Good girl Lily on the formula!! BRING ON THE COOKIES!!! (ooooooooor a Maui-Zowie pizza!)