Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i heart links, and blogging

Today is the last Tuesday of my maternity leave (insert sad face). I went into school today to try and get myself a tad bit prepared for the rascal madness coming my way on Monday. Really--I just wanted to put cute pictures of Lilly on my desk. I went to school and talked with the gal doing my maternity leave. She filled me in on the changes and schedules that are new. HOLY MOTHER I feel like everything changed-- report cards, math fact program, Rti schedules, new IEP's, behavior contracts, DIBELS monitoring....whaaa??? Needless to say, I was overwhelmed to the point of tears. It didn't help that I brought Lilly with me and she was NOT happy to be at school either. She kept whining...and since I'm her momma (and therefore that means I know ALL) this is why:

1. They turned the flippin heat OFF and it was flippin cold.

2.She spit up on her shirt again. boo.

3. She knows that this time next week I'll be spending more time with other people's kids than her.

So I slapped that picture frame on my desk ( it's got glittery jewels on it...ohsocute) and beelined for the door with my babe. There was no way in heck I was gonna spend anymore time in that silly room than I had to. Who needs lesson plans and morning work? NOT THIS GIRL! I know I'll be too emotional and all bawlly anyway to focus on any of that stuff on Monday. I hope the DOE (dept. of educ) doesn't randomly hop upon this blog. I'll get fiiirreed. (hmm...would I get unemployment then????) I think the first mention of the words Lilly, baby, pink, home, daycare, bottle, or chicfila are going to make me burst into a "I donn'tt wannnnaaaa bbbbeeeeee heeeeerrreee" breakdown anyway.

So...I came home and played and cuddled with lilly until she gave me that--"uhh-ma? I need a break from the high pitched voices and kissy faces mmmkay?" look. While soaking up the last dwindling days of my blissful maternity leave I shot this video of Lilly playing with her links. Okay....so not so much her playing with her links...but me kinda torturing her and making me laugh with her links. She's my child. I do what I want. Mmmmmkay?


  1. Oh Laura, I feel for you!! You're a stronger woman than me. Every time I went into my room to try to prepare for my return, I nearly had a panic attack. Obviously, (since Sara's there teaching with you and not me) it proved to be more than I could handle!!

    I just wanted to tell you that my heart breaks for you, and I will keep you in my prayers as you return next week.

  2. Don't you teach 4th grade? I didn't know they did DIBELS! I feel your pain, I went in to a class of 5th graders in January after their teacher quit and I was basically given NOTHING. Not what they had studied, no schedules, no training on grading programs, no idea how to do anything...and I had just found out i was pregnant! YIKES! It would be even harder with a little one. I am going to cry too when I have to go back to work :( But it looks like I am not getting a teaching job any time soon so I will just hang with my monster girl and be broke :)