Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a goal unmet

Last summer, lillypie was all dreams. One of my dreams was to do a big art show.  I'm talking tent in the park, two day extravaganza. I love going  to art fairs, and last year while strolling along with a friend I told her that I WOULD DO ONE NEXT SUMMER. I would create a booth design that was welcoming and fresh. It would be filled with necklaces, headbands, hair clips, and other beaded and flowered things. I would meet people from around our city and really enjoy checking the box next to  BE A VENDOR IN AN ART SHOW on my big list-o-dreams  list.

I'm not going to check that box off this summer.

What a bummer and disappointment right?  Maybe next summer. You see, just like every woman on this ever-loving planet--sometimes I feel stretched too thin.  I love lillypie---but not enough to put in the time, energy, and countless cups of coffee it would require to take on a large show.

I'm disappointed in myself for not taking the necessary steps to achieve this goal. I could've spread out the work. I could have taken small bites instead of waiting until the last minute. But it wouldn't be very Laura{esque} to do things well in advance. I'm a wait till the final hour freak out cry and pull my S together type of girl. 

So my goal is going unmet this year. It's a bummer---but it gives me something to look towards for next summer.

Because while this goal is going unmet--A goal that I never dreamed I would achieve has been happening--and that's going to remain a secret for now....

no mom, i'm not pregnant.


  1. You better let me know where your booth will be WHEN YOU HAVE ONE!! :)

  2. Uhhhhh for reals not sharing your secret?!?!?! That is just mean. Miss you lady!

  3. Bummers on the no art show this summer but not sharing your secret is just a mean mean trick girl!! :)I can't wait--like seriously can't wait to hear what it is...because I think I may have an idea. ;) P.S. Ashley Clark is one of my besties and she LOVES the headband you made for her little girl Abby. She just told me she ordered one a couple months ago from "lillypie" and I was like "Laura is SOOO my blogging friend!!" Small world....:)

  4. We have to sometimes remind ourselves to take baby steps...which is hard when you have big dreams. Be proud of all you've accomplished so far with lillypie! I absolutely love both of my necklaces! :)

  5. Your mom and I must think alike. I almost missed your last line there. :-) If you ever want to HELP at art shows, you know you're more than welcome to hang with us (again)!!

  6. Are you joining my ranks? Is that the secret?