Monday, June 13, 2011

YES, you can { guest post by Allisa Jacobs}

 no you can't. nahhh...never in a million years.....who are you kidding? impossible

Everyone has one. (stop snickering!) The moment where you realize that YES YOU CAN _________. What a great moment! The moment you believe in your heart and soul that it IS possible. You can start tomorrow. You can take that leap of faith. YES YOU CAN.

I love hearing about and witnessing moments of success. I want to hear yours. I'm beginning a new series of posts where you'll read about other women's moments of self-discovery and promise. I hope they inspire you like they have me.

Allisa Jacobs
-designer-seamstress-mother-educator-all around sweetheart-

First, let me say that I am thrilled to be guest posting for Lillypie! I’ve been a long time fan of
Laura’s work and when she and I chatted about possible posts, I fell in love with the idea of
describing my “Yes You Can” moment. I really enjoy discussing our creative journeys and just
how how we all make it work.

As I sat down to write, however, I stumbled a bit. I reflected a lot on the idea of when, oh when,
I realized I could really make my shop a success. I had hoped to recall that one fabulously
wonderful moment when it all came together for me. I really thought I could remember
something inspiring and moving.
Instead, as unglamourous and glitzy as you can get, that moment came while doing my taxes
that first year.

Seeing the actual numbers...the actual profit in print made it all the more real. For awhile, I
might’ve been a little lost in Etsy-land; driven by short-term goals and fueled by mini-successes.
My bookkeeping was minimal at that time, I knew I was making money, but it was all sort of
blurry and gray. It wasn’t until tax season when it all felt very official.....and promising.
I’ve now come to embrace the numbers side of running a business. A piece of the small
business puzzle I had avoided and only looked at when absolutely necessary (like filling out tax
forms!), had now become a source of inspiration. It was like a formal acknowledgement that my
little venture was actually working. That pouring early mornings and little bits of my heart into
this creative journey could really be something more. More than just a side little fling, but the
start of something really successful.

I am so incredibly grateful that I took on the challenge of growing a creative business and
realizing that yes, I really can.


  1. Oh my gosh those clutches are TO DIE FOR :)

  2. Love lillypie and love Allisa Jacobs. You gals are simply awesome :)

  3. Thank you so much Laura for having me today, what fun to share a bit of my story! xoxo