Monday, June 20, 2011

north carolina love {vacation pictures}

I found myself wondering WHY ON EARTH I live in INDIANA  countless times last week.
Because seriously, friends? North Carolina is amazeeeeeing extra ZING.

We went to Nags Head and had an absolute ball.
Two 8 bedroom houses
32 family members
1 glorious beach
enough laughter to get me through next winter

where did her fearlessness come from?
those things had me jittering around!
fresh dinner

nom. nom. nom.on those baby thighs!
 cousins. babysitters. same dif.


nags head was also celebrating it's 50th anniversary. how else do you celebrate a birthday? carnival!

the peach is my fave...which one is yours?

the gambrel's

memories I'll never forget.
with the people i love the most.


  1. SO AWESOME! Isn't it the best there?! The Outer Banks is my FAVORITE vacation spot!! WE go a lot, sadly this year the hubs wanted to try something new, so off to the mountains we go! p.s. Lucy has that same red outfit! LOVE IT

  2. I love these pictures & it makes me EVEN MORE anxious to go on vacation in 2 weeks. & I didnt know being more anxious was even possible.

  3. What great photos! It looks beautiful there!

  4. It looks so beautiful there. We are looking into going on a family vaca there! Can't wait!

  5. it looks like you had a GREAT time :) I'd have to say the spring green house is my favorite (because it's the same color as my house in korea-we live next door to coral colored house, and even a purple one!)

  6. Um, those pictures are to die for....So so jealous of you but also so glad you had such an awesome trip!! P.S> I liked the peach too :)

  7. I love having a group of family/friends together in a beach house. We have been going to St. George Island for years. Can't wait until we "add" to our family! Actually, the four of us are going in August and I can't wait! Good to see you looking so happy....