Saturday, June 4, 2011

new friends {meet meg}

 I really enjoy making new friends. But I worry about what people think about me--like a really unhealthy amount.  If you're saying hello to me for the first time  I'm worrying about if I have food poop tooth, eyeliner meltdown, or if I'm appearing too bubbly, annoying, in your face, woah back off chick---and then I end up not being myself. A lot of times I end up leaving feeling like a bone head--even though the meeting went fine, and the person thought I was friendly and delightful {hopefully}. Really-- I love meeting new people and making new friends--once I can get out of my own head. 

Am I alone in this? I tell scott it's a woman is, right?! Or am I just making that up?

Anyway, I want you to meet my new friend Meg.   She has a darling shop that I gawk at frequently. Her blog is one I never skip over to read "later" in my reader.  I channeled my inner Couric, pushed my "you're a nerd and she's gonna think you are a weirdo" self talk aside and asked her some questions--you know, first meeting type questions. 

Don't worry friends, you look beautiful and approachable--that's the glory of the interwebs.

Hi!! Tell us about yourself!

hello lillypie readers! my name is meg, and i like to make pretty things :)

i am 26 and reside in a charming, old duplex(circa 1897) in a suburb of detroit with my wonderful and ridiculously talented/smart husband joel & my fun-loving cockapoo magglio. besides making jewelry i like to :: cook, bake, craft, read, travel, decorate, sing & play my ukulele. i enjoy being domestic more than i ever thought i would (besides the cleaning part). most importantly, i love Jesus & am on a journey of learning just what it means to follow Him.

What inspired you to start Pretty Things by Meg?
i've always swooned over jewelry, particularly that of a colorful, vintagesque nature. a couple of years ago, i was in a day job that bored me to death. i needed a creative outlet to keep me sane. i had long had a desire to learn to make jewelry, so i decided it was time i taught myself. i quickly became addicted. i had discovered the joys of etsy while wedding planning about a year prior and had even bought some jewelry from there. i decided on a whim to create my own shop; i figured i had nothing to lose! i never expected for it to grow to the extent that it has; it has become such a huge blessing!

 Working full time and owning a handmade shop is A LOT of work--what tips and/or strategies do you have for juggling it all?
tell me about it - it seems our roles are neverending! i can't even imagine how crazy life will be once i'm a momma! i recently cut back on hours at my day job, so i'm working 30 hours a week now. but it is still a struggle to juggle everything.. i never feel like i'm on top of things! i find prioritizing my shop-related tasks to be super important. also, i try hard to keep myself from being sucked into my computer (not easy)! i am working toward growing my business to the point of being able to quit my day job, so that i can achieve a more healthy balance & be a stay-at-home mommy once we have kiddos (and because i LOVE doing it of course!)

How do you overcome obstacles  ?{what--you don't ask this question when you first meet someone? hehe}

usually my initial tendency is to get down on myself/get discouraged. thank God i have a hubby who is really great at encouraging me & reminding me of all the blessings in my life. when i'm smart enough, i give it to God and He gives me the peace, strength and confidence i need to move on.

 Describe your shop in one sentence.
my shop is filled with colorful & unique vintage-meets-modern jewelry, made with a variety of materials & a whole lotta love :)

What is your favorite item that you sell?
currently, my favorite is my linen ruffle necklace in grey.

Get to know Meg and all her pretty things more by following her blog!

It was so nice to meet you Meg! You are charming and a doll to know. :)