Saturday, January 30, 2010

boo to you, mean baby cold.

Colds are mean; but baby colds?? ARE. THE. SPAWN. OF. SATAN.

I've decided that me a danger to Lilly's health. I've tried explaining this to Scott, however the conversation ends like this. EVERY TIME. dern it.

Me: "Me teaching involves me being around a host of germs. My immune system can fight them off. The snotty boogers walk in my room everyday. They touch everything. The kiddos have super-mutated-fourth-grader-germs that are immune to the Lysol "crop dusts" that I do!! They are attacking our little lilly lou!!! and sick baby=no fun for anyone. Don't you love your daughter?? For the sake of everything holy, I MUST QUIT MY JOB!" Woah.

S: "You're right. {You're always right Laura.} You can stay home. We just won't eat. Or have a house. say bye bye to your internet.and hot water. maybe Sallie Mae will let use live with her? We know her REAL well. "

Pshhhh...who needs food??

Lilly has cold number two. TWO COLDS IN FOUR WEEKS! ARGH! She's paaaathetic. She coughs. Proceeds to sneeze. Snot bubbles blow out of her nose. They drain down to her mouth. She licks them ( sick, Lilly). and this goes on and on. We've gotten to the point where the mere sight of this:

Instrument o' Meanness

results in this:

"noooooo, mommmeeeeee dooooonnnnnnnn'tt do it!!"

Poor gal....poor mommy....evil cold!!


  1. I have the same conversation with my husband. When our students have a cold it's gross when our kids have a cold it's the end of the world. Isabella is fighting off a cold too. Hope Lilly gets better. Maybe we'll win the lottery and then we can tell Ms. Mae where to go.

    Thanks for being such a great commenter on my blog. I'm following yours now so I can return the love.

  2. Coco's got one too...and I stay home (but blame it on the church nursery). I do hate it though. Last night I cried a little because she was just so pitiful coughing, congested, and now she's hoarse -- she even lost her little voice and can barely cry or laugh! HATE IT! Seriously though, Little Colds Baby Rub is AWESOME! We put some on her chest, back, and soles of her feet at night and it helps TREMENDOUSLY!

  3. 1. Yes, I am obsessed with polka dots - you should see my classroom :)

    2. The instrument of meaniness is used in our house too and when we pull it out we get the same result :(

    3. Babies with colds are ALMOST as pathetic as husbands with colds... hang in there!!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog -- I am following you and will definitely be back!!!

  5. Love your blog! Were fighting a baby cold here too! No fun!

  6. booooooooooo those are torture devices! and i agree who needs food!!! maybe one day it will all work out for you to stay home! gotta love ur summers off!!!